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Kincade Henry – A Promising Roder in the College National Finals in 2022

Kincade Henry made up for missing out on World National Finals Rodeo by making waves in the PRCA. Now in 2022, this young Mount Pleasant calf roper is making waves again!

His paintings featured radiant effects he saw as symbolic of spiritual values, earning him the name “Painter of Light”. He became one of America’s most collected living artists.

Early Life and Education

Kinkade was an accomplished writer and scholar of medieval Spanish literature who taught for an extended period at the University of Arizona. Over his tenure there, he produced 13 books as well as numerous articles and reviews.

He created the Humanities Seminars program and formalized lifelong learning for the university community. A tireless advocate of education, beloved mentor, and committed scholar.

Thomas Kinkade became known as the “Painter of Light” through mass marketing of his paintings through the Thomas Kinkade Company, which produced printed reproductions and licensed products incorporating his artwork. His paintings depict idyllic scenes of American towns and landscapes bathed in sunlight; though popular, many art critics considered his works kitschy. Thomas Kinkade Gallery retail stores were opened across America.

Professional Career

Kinkade’s paintings, first sold at local galleries in the 1980s, depict cottages, bridges, gardens and Americana scenes with radiant effects that expressed spiritual values. He also created works featuring characters from Disney films like Beauty and the Beast Falling in Love (2010) and Sleeping Beauty (2011).

Henry placed 18th in the PRCA standings last season and missed qualifying for National Finals Rodeo, but that experience only strengthened him to push harder this season and finish in the top 15 college run rankings.

He credits Jeff Collins as being responsible for his success thus far and hopes to take it one step further and win the National Finals Roping (NFFR).

Achievement and Honors

Thomas Kinkade was known for sharing his vision of simple pleasures and inspirational messages through his artwork, in hopes that his paintings would serve as reminders to slow down and appreciate life’s simple beauties.

Kincade Henry made his presence felt at Panola College this season by capitalizing on opportunities that presented themselves. Unfortunately, however, he missed the College National Finals Rodeo (CFNR), but this year is his year to shine at this landmark event.

Keely and Jace Henry were honored with the Nothin’ But Try Scholarship at the 2022 Canadian National Fair Rodeo for her determination in spite of a heart condition that nearly forced her out of rodeoing. She credits the support of family, friends, and community who lined the roads after each performance in Vegas back to their hometown of Coalmont, Nevada.

Personal Life

Kincade Henry was an ardent family man whose love of his wife and daughters could be seen through their symbols included in his paintings. Additionally, his art promoted religious messages while including radiant effects he believed reflected spiritual values.

Last season, he finished 18th in the PRCA season standings due to an illness-shortened campaign and missed the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas. Now looking forward to an improved year thanks to hard work and help from friends, he is taking lessons with Trevor Moawad a mental performance coach specializing in elite athlete support; in order to keep his mind focused and keep working to better his game.

Net Worth

Net worth is a key indicator of wealth; it measures all your assets minus your liabilities. A positive net worth indicates that all your assets outstrip debts.

Kincade Henry has made waves on the ProRodeo tour since only joining two seasons ago, qualifying for Casper, Wyoming’s 2022 College National Finals Rodeo as a tie-down roper.

Thomas Kinkade may be widely considered an untalented painter, yet he remains immensely wealthy due to his skill at marketing his lithographs – licensing deals saw them turn up in everything from mugs and music boxes to even an entire housing development called Hiddenbrooke! Additionally, Kinkade was also prolific writer – producing several books like Lightposts for Living.

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