Kody Brown New Haircut

Kody Brown Gets a New Cut From “Sister Wives”

If you’re a fan of “Sister Wives”, you’ve likely noticed the changes in Kody Brown’s hair. The show’s co-star has changed his hairstyles over the years, and recently appeared in a Cameo wearing a completely different look. This style is reportedly quite similar to what Kody was wearing on his tell-all episode.

Fans have been keeping an eye on Bowns and are hoping that the upcoming season will include a glimpse of Kody’s new ‘do. Although the teaser of the show’s season 17 premiere doesn’t explicitly mention it, a video of Kody’s ‘do might just be the proof that the show’s producers are finally getting their act together.

Before the show began, the Sister Wives cast had a strict dress code. In the first few seasons, the wives wore conservative, plain clothing. However, as the show began to gain traction, the wives started to wear more dresses and designs.

As Kody got older, his hair style began to change. He had long, wavy blonde locks when he first aired. But as he aged, his hair became more and more bushy, and the length of his locks decreased.

For the longest time, he had a long ponytail. Eventually, he got a ‘do that was reminiscent of Kenny Rogers. At the time, his haircut was considered the best in the series.

When he first appeared on the show, his hair was still long, but he didn’t reach his shoulders. It was also a bit on the frizzy side. Thankfully, that’s gone now, and he has a much cleaner and sleeker look.

Since then, he’s gone through a few style switches ups. While he still has his super curly tresses, he has opted for a much more manly look. Some of his outfits include washed-out jeans and check t-shirts. His beard has also been trimmed.

Recently, the pair’s marriage has crumbled. Meri is currently trying to keep to herself, while Kody has made a few concessions to his hair loss. Even before his split with Christine, he had been at odds with his wife.

One of the best parts of watching Kody’s hair was the novelty of the “Ode to Kody’s Hair.” This video featured Kody’s hair down to the last follicle. Of course, fans were surprised to see this particular detail on the show.

Considering how much attention Kody’s hair gets, it’s no wonder he’s had to pay close attention to his strands. Whether it’s just an ode to his love for his locks, or a gimmick, it’s impossible to deny that Kody is obsessive about his locks.

It’s been almost two months since Kody appeared on Cameo. A few fans were able to capture his Cameo appearance in photos, and a few screenshots were even shared on Instagram. Many have praised his hair transformation, and some have pointed out that his hair was a bit of a tease. And if this ‘do is the most “Sister Wives” thing to happen, it’s probably the most important one.

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