Kort Schnabel

Kort Schnabel is a Partner and Co-Head of Ares Credit Group’s U.S. direct lending strategy, serving on its Investment Committee since he joined in 2001.

Kort Schnabel had dreams of creating something truly memorable for his own family at his grandparents’ Cape Cod house; so, after moving away, he built one in Palm Springs that is focused around outdoor living.

Early Life and Education

Kort Schnabel is an American businessman and investment manager. Currently he serves as Co-President at Ares Capital Corp. as well as Partner/Co-Head for Ares Credit Group’s U.S. Direct Lending strategy & Member of Ares’ Investment Committee; having taken over for Michael Smith when he stepped down, while Mitchell Goldstein continues his co-Presidency.

The Schnabels had found their dream house: two adjacent Palm Springs lots with one having an “falling down” ’50s house and guest casita and the other left empty – two lots they decided to turn into a multigenerational family gathering place that most can only dream about. The result? An idyllic retreat.

Professional Career

Kort Schnabel joined ares capital corporation in 2001 as co-president. Since then he has also served as partner and co-head for their direct lending strategy as well as serving on their investment committee and co-lead for sports, media and entertainment strategy. Kort holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Pennsylvannia.

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Personal Life

Kort Schnabel is a partner and co-head of Ares Capital’s U.S. direct lending strategy, as well as member of their Investment Committee and lead for their Sports, Media & Entertainment Fund. Kort joined Ares in 2001 after working previously for Walker Digital Corporation’s Corporate Development Group as well as Morgan Stanley Dean Witter’s corporate finance department where he performed financial analyses related to mergers & acquisitions, leveraged buyouts and equity/debt offerings.

Kathryn and Kort Schnabel of Palm Springs, Calif. took immediate advantage of two adjacent lots with a 1950s home and casita when they came up for sale, and immediately set about creating the home of their dreams.

Net Worth

Parker Schnabel is an esteemed gold miner who rose to fame through the Discovery Channel reality TV show, “Gold Rush”. He first appeared in 2012 until 2016, then again in 2017. Furthermore, Parker appeared in the spin-off series entitled “Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail”.

He earns approximately $25k per episode. Furthermore, he owns his own gold mining company with its own line of gold mining equipment.

He began working for his grandpa’s company at an early age and quickly proved adept at operating heavy machinery before reaching height enough to reach pedals. Through hard work and gold mining, he earned himself an estimated net worth of $15 Million by 2023.

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