Kylie Jenner Hair Loss

A Look at Kylie Jenner’s Hair Loss

The youngest member of the Kardashian-Jenner family, Kylie Jenner, has been known to wear wigs and extensions on occasion. However, she has also recently stepped out in front of the camera with her natural hair. In fact, she recently shared a throwback photo of herself with her natural hair.

During her Instagram story, she showed off her real hair, which is typically kept a bit shorter. But the beauty star did not stop there. She topped it off with a wavy ponytail. Her hair looked smooth and shiny. It was styled in a way that had butterflies fluttering around it. And she even made sure to give fans a peek at her eyebrows!

In a new video, she discussed her hair health journey. She shared her concerns about losing her hair, as well as a photo of her head. After a 10-hour bleaching session, she felt a little worried about how much of her hair would be left. She also mentioned that she would seek help.

If you have alopecia, you know that alopecia universalis, or complete hair loss from head to toe, can be extremely scary. It is a condition caused by a viral infection that pushes hair follicles into a telogen phase. Alopecia universalis is the most severe form of alopecia. Many women suffer from it, including Kylie Jenner. Luckily, she says that she is working on it, as she has been taking steroids and vitamins.

For her Met Gala look, the beauty mogul donned a figure-hugging Jean Louis gown. She added a white fur shawl to cover the dress, but it was too short to close the back of her hair. While her hair was wet, she showed off her shoulder-length blonde locks.

While some might wonder why Kylie Jenner chose to show her real hair, she does have an impressive history of wearing wigs. She has been photographed with various wigs and has a line of wigs and extensions in her name. She has also shared a few tips on how to use wigs. This includes adding some oils to your hair to make it more shiny. Using hair oils will not only make it more silky, but it will help to prevent breakage.

While most members of the Kardashian-Jenner family have opted to go with wigs, Kylie is a big proponent of using a variety of wigs. She has a wig line called Kylie Cosmetics, and she has shown fans how to recreate her looks via tutorial videos. As for a specific look, Kylie has been known to rock her hair in a pixie cut, a bob, and even a tiny dark bob.

Kylie Jenner has been known to switch her appearance up almost daily. At one point, she was seen without makeup, walking with her nanny, Stormi Webster. Another time, she was spotted on a vacation with her daughter.

With her famous blonde hair, she has the look of a Beverly Hills diva. However, she rarely colors her hair.

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