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Landon John Landon, Iowa State Representative, Has Passed Away

John Landon, the Republican who had served in the 37th district of Iowa since 2013, passed away Thursday. His colleagues in state government remembered him as a tireless worker, insightful individual and kind human being.

As a pro-life and family conservative, he was committed to creating jobs through balanced budgets and eliminating costly regulations. Additionally, his efforts helped foster an environment that fostered business opportunities in agriculture.

Early Life and Education

Landon was born in 1950 near State Center, Kansas and attended West Marshall High School before earning a bachelor’s degree in agricultural business from Iowa State University.

He wed Janet W. Reeve in 1968 and founded Chapel Valley Landscape Company shortly thereafter.

In the 1980s, he produced television shows such as Little House on the Prairie and Father Murphy. However, his most successful program was Highway to Heaven which he co-produced, wrote and directed.

Landon was a celebrated writer, widely respected in the literary world. Her first novel, Romance and Reality (1831), earned critical acclaim for its insightful observations of modern life. Additionally, she published numerous short stories and other works. Unfortunately, Landon’s success often led to speculation about her personal life; often being the target of scandalous gossip.

Professional Career

Over the course of his professional career, Landon John has served as C-Suite executive, investor and board member for several successful real estate, technology and financial services companies. His varied experiences in P&L operations, corporate strategy and market development have equipped him with an interdisciplinary set of skills which he now applies to his role as strategic advisor and investor.

At various points in his career, landon john was an advocate for landscape professionalism both locally and nationally, serving as past president to organizations such as Associated Landscape Contractors of America (now National Association of Landscape Professionals), Landscape Contractor’s Associations of MD, DC, VA and Maryland Nursery Nursery Landscape Greenhouse Association. Furthermore he contributed significantly towards raising professional standards within the horticulture industry through quality workmanship promotion, training programs and certification requirements as well as safety measures.

Achievements and Honors

As an honors student at UGA, he has participated in an impressive array of extracurricular activities. He currently serves as executive assistant to the president of the Honors Program and is a member of both Student Government Association and Biochemistry Undergraduate Society. Furthermore, he serves as public service and outreach scholar through the Office of Service-Learning; most recently completing an IMPACT service trip to Charlotte, North Carolina. Additionally, he’s proud member of UGA fanatically and enjoys watching their games whenever possible!

In the spring of 2019, his university awarded him its highest distinction: Honors. Additionally, he was presented with the Newbold Rhinelander Landon Memorial Award in recognition of his accomplishments. At present, he is studying double majors in chemistry and neuroscience while actively involved within the student body.

Personal Life

Landon John was a family man who loved spending time with his wife and children. He also enjoyed sailing and entertaining friends and family.

His passion for reading led him to a career in rare books. Additionally, he was one of the founding partners of Brewster Bookstore.

Landon spent much of his career as a bank executive promoting education. In 2004, he made the largest single individual donation ever given to Florida International University and served on the boards of directors for Lennar Corporation and American Bankers.

Net Worth

Landon John was an American politician renowned for his tenure as Iowa State Representative. He served in the House of Representatives from 2013 until 2019.

His net worth is estimated to be $5 million. He has achieved success in the real estate industry and owns a small stake in fast-growing pizza chain Blaze Pizza.

He owns a home worth $300,000 and an investment portfolio worth $150,000. His liabilities include outstanding debt such as mortgage, credit card debt and car loan.

His wife Cindy is an accomplished producer, makeup artist and philanthropist. Additionally, she founded the nonprofit organization Michael Landon Foundation with her partner Rick.

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