LaToya Cantrell Net Worth

Latoya Cantrell, born in Los Angeles and currently serving as Mayor of New Orleans is an American politician currently in her 50th year.

She relocated to New Orleans in 1990 and attended Xavier University of Louisiana, earning a bachelor’s degree in sociology and also participating in an executive training program at Harvard Kennedy School.

Early Life and Education

LaToya Cantrell was born in Los Angeles before moving to New Orleans for her undergraduate education at Xavier University of Louisiana where she earned a bachelor’s degree in sociology and attended an executive training program with Harvard Kennedy School. LaToya later married Jason Cantrell and the couple have one daughter named Rayann.

She has been an outstanding public servant who has tirelessly sought to address various social issues. For this she was honored by Tulane University (along with Loyola, Loyola and Xavier Universities) which honored her efforts with a lifetime achievement award in 2016. Additionally she helped her district recover from Hurricane Katrina, created a low-barrier homeless shelter, developed citywide rental unit registration plans as well as citywide inspection plans – among many other accomplishments.

Professional Career

LaToya Cantrell, an American politician serving as Mayor of New Orleans since May 7, 2018, previously represented District B on its City Council from 2012-2018 and holds her position with distinction as first ever female mayor in America. A member of both parties, Cantrell is also honored with an annual Lifetime Achievement Award from Tulane, Loyola, Xavier universities as well as University of New Orleans due to her efforts in public service.

She is married to attorney Jason Cantrell, with whom they share a daughter together. The family resides in New Orleans, Louisiana. As of 2022, it was estimated that her net worth stood at $5 Million – she earns a good salary while leading an luxurious lifestyle. Born 3 April 1972 in Los Angeles California she bears the cancer sign.

Achievement and Honors

Latoya Cantrell has been an influential politician ever since she first entered politics. Now serving as mayor of New Orleans, Latoya Cantrell has won multiple accolades for her efforts.

She is an active member of the Democratic Party and an accomplished politician known for working on social issues and bettering the city. Tulane, Loyola, and Xavier universities have honored her for her contributions to their respective communities.

She is married to an attorney husband. They live together with their daughter RayAnn in New Orleans. Both parties possess significant net worth; though there were unpaid taxes owing, these have recently been taken care of. Together for several years now and very content.

Personal Life

LaToya Cantrell, born April 3 in Los Angeles and now resident in New Orleans since 2012 when she represented District B on the New Orleans City Council, is a strong proponent of Democratic politics. First elected Mayor in 2018, she currently holds office.

Jason Cantrell and she have one daughter together named Rayann and currently reside in Broadmoor, New Orleans.

She maintains an active social media presence on both platforms: she boasts over nine thousand posts on verified Instagram and seventeen thousand followers on Twitter; plus over ten thousand posts made to Facebook alone! Her fans and followers are highly supportive of her political career.

Net Worth

LaToya Cantrell has amassed an estimated $5 Million fortune through her various sources of income, but prefers living a modest lifestyle. As of 2022, her net worth is estimated to be in this amount.

Cantrell was born in Los Angeles but relocated to New Orleans in 1990 for higher education purposes. She currently holds a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from Xavier University of Louisiana as well as having participated in an executive training program from Harvard Kennedy School.

LaToya Cantrell and Jason Cantrell have one daughter together named Rayann. The family resides in New Orleans’ Broadmoor neighborhood. LaToya regularly posts updates of her family to social media, while her husband Jason Cantrell works as a civil rights attorney specializing in civil cases.

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