Lauri Hendler Net Worth

Lauri Hendler is an actress known for her roles in films and TV shows such as Gimme a Break and Three’s Company, garnering her an enormous fan base.

Since 1990, she and Steve Rieze have enjoyed a happy relationship; attending concerts, hiking trips and dining out together regularly.

Early Life and Education

Lauri Hendler is an American actress best known for her role as Julie Kanisky on Gimme a Break and other television shows and movies. She is married to Steve Rieze and currently resides in Los Angeles.

Hendler embarked on her professional work early, starting modeling child products at eight months and making her acting debut in The Streets of San Francisco when she was nine years old.

Hendler currently boasts 48 credits on IMDb, including roles in movies and television series. She also competed on $100,000 Pyramid and Super Password game shows. Furthermore, Hendler enjoys music concerts with her husband. Furthermore, she actively donates blood and funds towards covid vaccine research by giving blood donations.

Professional Career

Hendler is best-known for her role as Julie Kanisky on Gimme a Break. Additionally, she has appeared on other television shows including Chips, Lou Grant, Three’s Company, Magnum P.I. Eerie Indiana Becker ER Without Trace Without Trace as well as voice acting work in video games.

Hendley is actively engaged in online entertainment and maintains accounts on key platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Her Instagram page boasts over 600 followers; additionally she tweets various topics under @laurihendler for discussion and debate purposes.

She enjoys hiking with her husband to experience nature first-hand and loves taking photos of gorgeous things she finds along their treks. Additionally, she appreciates aesthetic items, animals, and architecture and appreciates their beauty.

Achievement and Honors

Lauri Hendler has made her mark as an actress on many television series over her acting career, most notably Gimme a Break (where she played Julie Kanisky). Additionally, Lauri can be found appearing in Chips, Lou Grant and Three’s Company among many others.

Hendler has been married to realtor Steve Reizes since 1990, and their marriage has produced three children: Chris (deceased), Annabelle and Reuben. Since they married, Hendler has regularly posted images and videos to her social media accounts of them both together as a couple, as well as photos and videos featuring both of them together on occasions. Hendler seems to be an ardent music enthusiast and enjoys attending melodic shows with family or friends from time to time – particularly those featuring Mozart!

She enjoys giving blood, and feels as if she is doing her part to benefit society. She has agreed to being used as a research guinea pig; thus far she has received five vaccine shots over 25 months.

Personal Life

Lauri Hendler is an immensely talented actress known for her roles on several renowned movies and TV shows, most notably Gimme a Break as Julie Kanisky and Lou Grant and Three’s Company respectively.

Hendler is an aesthetic person who appreciates beauty in all forms. She enjoys traveling and the great outdoors; taking trips with her husband while sharing photos of wildlife, flowers, and birds on Instagram.

Hendler is Jewish and was raised in Fort Belvoir, Virginia. She is married to Steven Reizes, a commercial real estate agent who actively tweets his responsibilities as a citizen and no children exist between the couple.

Net Worth

Lauri Hendler has amassed an impressive net worth, which she earned through her acting career. She has appeared in popular shows like Gimme a Break, Chips, Three’s Company Lou Grant Magnum PI among others.

She is actively engaged with online entertainment through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts; with over 1k followers on Instagram alone and regular posts.

Steve Rieze, Hendler’s husband, is an established commercial real estate dealer and earns a good living from it. They currently reside comfortably in Los Angelos where they recently celebrated their 17th wedding anniversary privately without children yet.

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