Lego Artwork Sets

LEGO Artwork Sets

LEGO Art is a new line of sets that allow adults to build original, creative artwork. These unique sets feature pop art themes and come with a bespoke soundtrack. These sets come with everything needed to build a 15.5-inch square piece of art. Each set includes around three thousand 1×1 round LEGO tiles, nine interlocking 16×16 LEGO Technic bricks, and pieces for a frame and hanger.

The LEGO Art Harry Potter Hogwarts Crests set allows builders to create one house crest. This set can also be combined with four other sets to create larger displays. Another popular set is the LEGO Art Disney Mickey Mouse set, which includes instructions for building Mickey and Minnie Mouse. There’s also a Disney-inspired set with instructions for a large display of Mickey and Minnie.

Lego Art Iron Man includes everything needed to create the Iron Man armor. This set also includes a soundtrack, interviews, and stories from the film. You can even build a larger landscape portrait! The Lego Star Wars The Sith set also includes a soundtrack with songs from the film. The soundtrack will provide hours of fun for kids to listen to as they build the set.

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