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Jasper, Ind. – A 19 Year Old Man Has Been Arrested

Jasper Police inform Eyewitness News that a 19 year old male has been charged with sexually assaulting a woman. Officers found her alleged attacker at their home and charged him with rape, strangulation and criminal confinement before booking him into Dubois County Security Center.

Early Life and Education

Kibby was raised in a Christian household and attended local schools. He soon developed an interest in music, performing at school functions as well as singing with local choirs during his youth. Later, he enrolled at a community college to pursue a degree in musical performance.

He was elected to the Select Board in 1890, is a member of Unitarian Church and served as justice of peace for seven years.

Abigail Hernandez was kidnapped by Kibby in 2013 and managed to survive by developing a strong rapport and convincing him of her trustworthiness. She recently discussed her experience in an interview with ABC’s 20/20 show; during which she detailed that early on in order to survive she needed to strategize and form relationships with Kibby in order to be effective at survival.

Professional Career

Police in Jasper, Ind. have arrested 19-year-old Liam Kibby of Jasper after receiving reports from female victim about sexual assault on Monday and identified her attacker as Liam. Officers found Kibby at his home and arrested him on charges including rape, strangulation, criminal confinement and sexual battery; he will now be taken to Dubois County Security Center to await sentencing.

Sue Clayton is the musical alter-ego of composer, songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist Morgan Kibby (previously released music under White Sea). A sought-after collaborator who has collaborated with Harry Styles, M83, Lady Gaga and more; Rookie is her latest project which proves how heartbreak can indeed become art – we take a closer look here!

Achievement and Honors

Kibby was part of the first team squads for football, basketball and hockey and earned the Bronze National Championship Award at the NZSS Inline Hockey Championships 2021. His teammates included Leo Blackler, Kitt Douglas, Brooklyn Joseph-Cash Fuyi Lee Felix Lu Daniel Middleton Logan Palmer Lachlan Robertson. Furthermore he received an honours blazer pocket for selection to the NZSS Polo team.

In August 2022, he was arrested on charges of rape, strangulation and criminal confinement. Last week at trial he was found not guilty on all of these counts and will remain in Dubois County Jail until further hearings take place.

Personal Life

After a female victim reported sexual assault to Jasper Police in August 2022, officers were able to track down and arrest 19 year-old Liam Kibby for charges including rape, strangulation, criminal confinement, sexual battery and battery in Dubois County Security Center. After trial commenced last week Kibby was found not guilty by jury – all rights are reserved by WFIE 2023 & all reproduction without permission is forbidden.

WFIE’s Katie Steed was at the Jasper Police Department to report on its activities.

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