Liam Pants

Liam Pants

Liam Gallagher knows his fashion. The former Oasis frontman blends practical clothing from Madchester with floral shirts for an individualistic aesthetic that is truly his.

This pair of trousers from our Core Collection is an indispensable wardrobe piece, made of organic cotton fabric with the ideal balance between loose and tight fit.

Early Life and Education

Liam may seem more brawn than brain, yet his intelligence exceeds average. Additionally, his athleticism on the lacrosse field attests to this.

Liam has always shown himself to be extremely loyal and supportive of those closest to him, such as Mason Hewitt and Selena Parker. At times he has even risked his own life to save those he cares about – such as leaping over a chasm to save Scott McCall from Hellhounds.

Liam still finds it hard to control his temper, particularly during full moons and supermoons. He has shown signs of unruly behavior before, such as getting into an altercation with Hayden Romero during one full moon at school.

Professional Career

These Liam Twill Pants from Liam Clothing are tailored for comfort, making them a go-to pair during casual weekdays. Wear with either Elias Hooded Sweater or Levi Dress Shirt along with sneakers for maximum enjoyment at playground or grocery store!

Made from soft organic cotton fabric, these twill pants offer a luxurious skin-friendly experience while looking their best. Their adjustable waistband with tie and elastic offers flexible fitting options and provides the ideal combination of loose yet defined design to make sure they look their best! Pair these 3/4 pants with sneakers and smart shirts for casual styling that elevates their style level to new heights of fashion.

Achievement and Honors

At this year’s NME Awards, Liam was presented with the Godlike Genius award by NME editor-in-chief Mike Williams. Other winners of note included nineties icon Shirley Manson of Garbage who won Icon; Manchester-based newcomers Pale Waves who took home Under the Radar; and British rapper J Hus taking home Album of the Year honors with Common Sense as Album of the Year winner.

Liam surprised his peers as he accepted this award at Buckingham Palace by wearing black dress pants, complete with round glasses – something not usually associated with his look of baggy jeans and gold chains. Liam was selected among four national tenor trombonists for this prestigious event; no doubt his audition tape must have left its mark!

Personal Life

Liam is an attractive man who stands tall with an ideal body height and weight balance to match his height. His lovely features and radiant smile attract many admirers; his charming personality attracts even more.

Personality Traits: Niall was involved in an acrimonious divorce from Cheryl in 2018; further revealed he struggled with fame during his time with One Direction; spent time at a wellness clinic last year for treatment;

Liam is well-known for his nonchalant peeing in pants TikTok challenge. This viral trend was started to prove the point that social media trends don’t make sense. He made this move in order to show millions of viewers.

Net Worth

Former One Direction star Niall Horan is estimated to be worth an estimated $70 million, thanks to a real estate portfolio, acting gigs, brand collaborations, skincare product line for men, acting gigs and brand collaborations. Additionally, he has appeared on many shows like Celebs Go Dating and Love Island which all contribute to his estimated fortune.

Father-of-one Jonathan Evans has become known for his style influenced by 1960s mods. His look combines garments from this era with items popular on today’s Mancunian scene such as Stone Island parkas and baggy Levi’s 504 jeans from Levi. Thanks to this aesthetic he has secured high profile modelling contracts while his handsome features have even made him the face of Hugo Boss mens wear!

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