Lipstick Painting On Canvas

Lipstick Painting on Canvas

If you have been searching for an art form that is a little more unconventional, lipstick painting on canvas is for you. Using lipsticks instead of paint brushes, Toronto artist Alexis Fraser has been able to create unique works of art that are completely unconventional. Her ‘kiss prints’ are a tribute to pointillism. In addition to her paintings, she has also collaborated with companies such as MAC Cosmetics. Known as ‘Lipstick Lex’ on social media, she has exhibited her work in London, Tokyo, and Hong Kong.

If you’ve ever tried kissing on a canvas, you know that it is a very repetitive activity. After a while, your lips can start to feel sore. To prevent this, you should only kiss on a board with a light coat of the lipstick. That way, it won’t show up on the brighter colors. If you want to create a more vibrant effect, you should add another layer of “unblended” lipstick. This prevents smudging.

Since 2008, Alexis has been using her painted lips to create beautiful artwork. Her artwork is a unique and unconventional way to bring positivity to the world. Her artwork has been featured in some countries and she has sold her works to celebrities. Whether you’re interested in her artwork or not, you can view her work on her website. She’s even written a book about her life and art. And if you’re lucky, you might be able to purchase one of her original works of art. If you’re not lucky enough to have a copy of her book, you can still check out her artwork on her YouTube channel. The video below shows an example of a Marilyn Monroe portrait that she made.

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