Luca Bigg

Luca Bigg resides in Half Moon Bay, California – a coastal town home to one of the world’s most powerful and frightening waves – which lies right outside his doorstep. While most teenagers might rebel with drugs and sexual activities instead, Luca finds fulfillment surfing Mavericks.

Utilizing YorkTest’s Premium Food Intolerance* Test, he discovered his reactions to wheat and chilli pepper, then met with a Nutritional Therapist in order to safely eliminate them from his diet.

Early Life and Education

Luca has plenty of energy and stands out as being unlike your typical teenager. At an age when most adolescents are rebelling against authority and exploring drugs, sexuality, and rock ‘n’ roll culture; Luca instead finds his fulfillment surfing some of the biggest waves around the globe.

Luca had experienced symptoms including lethargy and fatigue. To discover what foods may have caused this reaction, he took the Premium Food Intolerance Test from YorkTest which measures IgG antibody responses against 200 food and beverage items.

Luckily for Luca, taking an allergy test only required taking a small blood sample from his fingertip and sending it off to YorkTest lab. His results revealed he was reacting negatively to wheat and chilli pepper products which helped him eliminate these from his diet.

Professional Career

Luca came close to winning the NCAA heptathlon but lost to Garrett Scantling by two points despite an outstanding performance. Regardless, he still put on an amazing display.

She knew he earned his living running a mobster racket for Big Tommy Romano. This involved guns, drugs, prostitutes and gambling operations as well as owning some dry cleaners.

His mother Caroline is concerned for him and wants him to take more precautions when surfing Mavericks, but fortunately Luca has an amazing support system in his family and friends who help keep him safe. Since age 13, Luca has been surfing Mavericks, and already boasts master surfer status despite his young age – an inborn talent which no other can match! Luca’s parents recognize something special about him that they want to foster further.

Achievement and Honors

Luca Bigg has been surfing professionally for 10 years. He has won multiple surf competitions and trained under big wave surfer Laird Hamilton; they live together in Malibu training together on big waves.

In 2018, Luca became Brand Ambassador for YorkTest. To complete his analysis of IgG antibodies to over 200 foods and drinks, he participated in our Premium Food Intolerance* Test.

Before taking his test, he had to prick his finger to provide a sample. Although this initially caused him anxiety, once it was over he felt relieved as it proved painless and easy.

Personal Life

Luca lives an extravagant lifestyle and has amassed an immense fortune over time. A high-profile marketer, he has broken every record in his field; teaching numerous entrepreneurs how to start multimillion-dollar businesses from the ground up.

He has assisted clients to increase profits tenfold and build personal wealth at the same time, amassing an array of clients from different niches.

He currently resides with his sister Claudia who manages his social media. Luca enjoys flirting with women and surfing Mavericks – one of the world’s most dangerous waves – which he finds both exciting and daunting. In terms of family values and principles Luca stands strong; yet at the same time he remains youthful-old at heart. Additionally Luca enjoys rock music; specifically The Rolling Stones are his go-to band!

Net Worth

Big Luca leads an extravagant lifestyle and spends much of his time among friends and family. Additionally, he’s an active social media personality who regularly uploads short videos onto his Instagram account.

He has also published several books such as ‘Prejudice, Kennedy-Style Prosperity, and Enough Already!. Additionally, he is widely-renowned business trainer who has assisted dozens of entrepreneurs start from scratch and become millionaires.

Gemma and Luca no longer romantically involved, yet remain supportive of each other’s goals and endeavors. While breakups may be difficult, it’s essential that couples recognize when the relationship no longer serves their purposes and move on accordingly; both Gemma and Luca have demonstrated this by successfully finding success on their own paths. Their example may help others experiencing similar situations find peace.

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