Luca Bourgoyne

Luca Bourgoyne and Michael Garrison, Two Young Americans on Hagens Berman Axeon

After his time in the Navy, Claude Bourgoyne attended Baton Rouge Trade School in Louisiana where he studied automobile mechanics. His certificate confirms this study.

The team boasts an experienced roster, featuring Danish U23 Road Race Champion Sojberg and American Bourgoyne as key contributors. Mahoudo has excelled at domestic non-UCI stage races while Brennsaeter can get up-and-running quickly.

Early Life and Education

Luca Bourgoyne was born in Paris, France on April 7, 2001. Luca currently rides for CIC U Nantes Atlantique as an athlete specializing in sprinting and time trialing.

He has amassed several accolades throughout his cycling career, including a gold medal at the 2010 Junior World Championships and multiple victories in French national championships for road, track and cyclocross racing.

Hagens Berman Axeon team members Lucas Bourgoyne and Michael Garrison both sprinters with different talents and personalities, each finding sprinting captivating and beautiful while Garrison compares it to meditation. In an interview conducted recently they discussed their similarities and differences.

Professional Career

Lucas Bourgoyne and Michael Garrison, two young Americans riding Hagens Berman Axeon bikes, both specialize in sprinting and time trialing respectively. Recently they won national titles in these disciplines: Bourgoyne took first in USA Cycling Amateur Criterium Championship while Garrison triumphed at U23 USA Cycling TT Championship.

The team maintained most of the core from Elevate, while adding top talent like French ITT champion Le Huitouze who won a medal at Worlds in his first year professional racing. Belgian climbers Vangheluwe and Van Hautegem provide added punch for climbers.

Achievement and Honors

He won first place in the science category with his project entitled, “A Physical Mechanism for Calcium Transport Inhibition by Peroxynitrite”. Additionally, he received the William W. Berry Engineering Award and an invitation to present at a national competition later in February.

Burgoyne excelled academically but also excelled at swimming and athleticism, competing in the 50-meter freestyle at the 2022 Summer Olympic Games and placing eighth.

He graduated with a grade point average of 3.3 from Levert-Addis High School in West Baton Rouge Parish with his graduation certificate bearing his personal signature, thumbprint and date of graduation displayed alongside a class photo as well as schoolmates Mary Drago, Lois Tullier and Leonard Strehle listed as classmates. You can check his indicator-scores based on results of UCI races at this link which are updated daily.

Personal Life

Lucas Bourgoyne, born 16 September 1924 in West Baton Rouge Parish of Louisiana and passing away 24 February 1987 at Plaquemine (Iberville Parish) Louisiana at age 62 was raised with two siblings who have since passed.

He married Lena Mary Rockforte on 21 May 1949 in Port Allen, West Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana and they had three children: John Claude, Charles Raymond and Nannette Marie Bourgoyne.

Michael Garrison and Lucas Bourgoyne, two young Americans on Hagens Berman Axeon who enjoy time trialing and sprinting respectively, find both disciplines to be captivating. Both disciplines require an intensity that can almost feel like meditation; therefore we track indicator scores for every pro rider based on race results – this score will be updated daily.

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