Luca Gabay

The Luca Gabay Scholarship fund assists 2022 Nigerian students per year to attend US universities through Birch Prospects university sports recruitment company and university sports scholarships program, while college coaches log-in to view Luca’s full profile. Birch Prospects also offers university sports recruitment scholarships based on academics, needs and writing ability – these scholarship awards provide incredible support to talented athletes from around the globe who wish to study here at one time or another.

Professional Career

Lucas Gabay works at Duet Group, a music publishing company that assists artists and composers in developing a business plan that takes into account legal obligations and economic realities. Additionally, he administers the Lucas Gabay Scholarship which supports Nigerian students attending university in the US through scholarship selection criteria based on needs analysis, academics performance evaluation, writing sample submission and resume considerations.

Gary Lucas has been described by The New York Times as “a guitarist of thousands of ideas”. He has performed with Captain Beefheart’s Magic Band, The Woodentops and Adrian Sherwood; produced albums for both of these groups; as well as producing an album for Bosho – his own band! Currently working on recording with singer/video artist Julia Heyward as part of Bosho and has also composed music for choreographer Kumiko Kimoto!

Achievement and Honors

Gabay has earned numerous honors and awards for his works, such as the Excellence in Literature Award from the American Academy of Arts & Letters; Laura Pels/PEN Mid-Career Award; Greenfield Prize; LAMBDA Literary Award; Hull-Warriner award, Flora Roberts award; Steinberg/ACTA Best Play award and three Tony nominations. Additionally, Lucas Gabay established The Lucas Gabay Scholarship which provides funding annually for Nigerian students attending US universities; this award considers candidates’ needs, academic performance; writing samples; resume and writing samples; resume and academic performance as criteria for award.

Personal Life

Lucas Gabay is the creator of a scholarship program for Nigerian students to attend US universities. Working alongside the Federal Ministry of Education, Gabay funds applicants according to needs, writing samples, academic achievements and resume. So far the scholarship has proven wildly successful; Gabay plans on expanding it further. His wife and children are proud of him; in his free time he enjoys golf as well as volunteering charity work – his wife being especially so. Lucas himself enjoys sports such as playing tennis regularly while traveling and hiking are among his hobbies.

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