Lucan Breedlove

Lucan Breedlove – Co-Founder of Embrace Hair and Skin Care LLC

Lucan Breedlove, co-founder of Embrace Hair and Skin Care LLC, served in the Marine Corps before transitioning to Automotive Executive work as General Manager for three esteemed Luxury Automotive Brands. His hard work led him to success.

Early Life and Education

Lucan Breedlove started his early life serving his nation as a United States Marine, before transitioning into corporate America as an Automotive Executive and quickly rising through the ranks to General Manager/Managing Partner positions at three distinguished Luxury Automotive Brands.

Sarah Breedlove was born December 23, 1867 on a plantation in Delta, Louisiana to parents Owen and Minerva Anderson Breedlove who had been enslaved before the Civil War. Abandoned at seven, Sarah moved in with her older sister until marrying Moses McWilliams at 14 as an orphan bride. Lelia (later known as Madam C.J. Walker) was born 1885 as part of this union – although sharecroppering offered some degree of relief, it did not provide equal treatment compared with slavery.

Professional Career

Lucan Breedlove spent his early years serving in the United States Marines. Following his release from military service he quickly rose through Corporate America as an Automotive Executive; eventually reaching General Manager and Managing Partner positions at three highly renowned Luxury Automotive Brands.

Sarah Breedlove traveled to St. Louis, Missouri in 1904 in order to sell hair care products to Annie Turnbo Malone, a black business woman. While there, she took the name Madam C.J Walker after being encouraged by Charles J. Walker (a newspaper sales agent) to use such grand names and create effective advertisements using them.

With his success came an understanding of his desire to give back, leading him to start Free-Favor LLC and Embrace Hair and Skin Care LLC. Simultaneously his business partner D. Rashaad Gordon initiated DRG Recycling which has quickly taken hold of South Florida and revolutionized how recyclable commodities of value are handled.

Personal Life

Lucan Breedlove set out after graduating university to seize control of his future and follow in Sarah Breedlove and Madame CJ Walker’s footsteps as an entrepreneur, by harnessing the essence of great haircare products into two companies he founded: Free-Favor LLC and Embrace Hair and Skin Care.

D. Rashaad Gordon joined forces with him to establish DRG Recycling LLC. Since launching their venture in South Florida, their operations have expanded into Georgia and North Carolina.

Like her siblings in the Breedlove family, Pecola uses her ugliness as an act of denial and protection, using it like an actor would use props – to help create character and support an imagined role she often imagines herself playing – such as that of martyrdom.

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