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Personal Life of Lucas Sims

Lucas Sims began the season with Gwinnett and ended it with the Cincinnati Reds. While not his finest performance, there were glimpses of potential greatness throughout.

Lucas asserts his trial counsel was inadequate because she failed to contest the sufficiency of records used against him to enhance his sentences for rape and burglary.

Early Life and Education

She earned both her science and medical degrees at the University of Auckland (1975, 1979). Since then she has pursued an advanced study of epidemiology and population health through the completion of a PhD degree (2000) in Epidemiology and Population Health. Since then she has led internationally recognized research, established national and international collaborations, successfully obtained funding for ongoing projects, and translated this knowledge into sun exposure policy reform initiatives.

Lucas was the last full-blooded Kwaaymii Indian and, as such, battled for 18 years to secure his deed of patent for his homestead on the Laguna Mountains where he was born in 1903. His property still houses metate stones used by his mother and other Indian women to grind acorns into meal, as well as remnants from an entire village that once contained more than 90 tribe members but mysteriously vanished over time.

Achievement and Honors

As an attorney, Lucas served internationally and as in-house counsel for a publicly-traded petrochemical company where he drafted international purchasing and licensing agreements, managed civil and criminal litigation, assisted with investment projects, judicial intern for Indiana Court of Appeals, law clerk at Indiana Legal Services Low-Income Taxpayer Clinic as well as founder/chairman of non-profit Museum of Narrative Art.

Personal Life

Personal lives refer to an individual’s private lifestyle which encompasses activities and relationships they maintain independently from those around them, rather than sharing. It can include hobbies or pursuits unrelated to professional endeavors.

Lucas challenges his Navy court-martial convictions on the basis that their records were not duly certified, as well as raising a derivative claim of ineffective assistance of counsel for failing to object at his sentence hearing to admitting these records. Both arguments fail on various counts.

First, at the sentence hearing, the trial judge clearly acknowledged his familiarity with naval court-martial records because he relied on them in enhancing Lucas’s burglary conviction sentences. Thus, any suggestion that admission of those records at sentencing hearing was improper is without merit.

Net Worth

Lucas Andrew Edwards, better known by his online persona “Icycol”, hails from Kentucky. His influencer status and social media following has amassed millions, as have NBA and NFL players who share his videos across their channels.

He is one of the self-made billionaires and currently ranks 418 on the global wealthiest person list. With an enormous fan base and money earned through videos and other sources, he has amassed great wealth.

He owns an expansive real estate portfolio in California, including Skywalker Ranch. Additionally, he is an active philanthropist who regularly donates large portions of his fortune to various causes; including wildlife conservation initiatives, youth support services in inner cities and museums.

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