Lucas Counter

Lucas Counter – A Powerful Ultimate Character With Great Comboing and Pressuring Tools

Lucas is an impressive character, boasting an excellent edgeguarding game and some of the most devastating attacks available in Ultimate. Additionally, he features powerful comboing and pressuring tools.

However, his poor ground mobility and limited out of shield options leave him susceptible to rush downs and being juggled, leading him into an overall weak disadvantage state.

Early Life and Education

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Lucas may lack in terms of out of shield gameplay and mobility; however, many of his attacks possess low ending lag and can be used to rack up damage or initiate combos. His down smash (although slightly toned down from SSB4) remains amongst one of the strongest moves in SSB5 and can KO opponents at reasonable percentages off ledges.

His up tilt deals significant damage and knockback, but its start-up can be noticeable. Lucas uses his PK Thunder as his main form of recovery – an easily controllable ball of thunder which hits enemies it hits or knocks back enemies it encounters; unlike Ness’s attack it doesn’t deal high damage at early percents but still can KO at higher ones.

Professional Career

Lucas has over seven years of coaching and training athletes from sports such as basketball, football, baseball, soccer, track and field, lacrosse, golf, tennis beach volleyball and hockey in Ventura County. Currently residing in Simi Valley with his wife Samantha and their two children he was also previously a four-year starter and team captain for CLU Lions football program.

He has served on multiple judicial committees and written legal articles published in law journals such as Albany Law Review, University of Florida Journal of Law & Public Policy and Journal of Technology Law & Policy. Currently he is a member of both Judicial Ethics Advisory Committee and District Court of Appeal Performance and Accountability Commission.

He co-founded American Zoetrope with Francis Ford Coppola in 1969 with the goal of providing filmmakers with an environment free from studio oppression and control. Lucas is most notable for creating Star Wars and Indiana Jones films which heavily draw from Akira Kurosawa samurai movies and Spaghetti Westerns as sources of inspiration.

Achievement and Honors

Lucas boasts one of the highest combo potentials in the game thanks to an array of reliable combo finishers such as his PK Freeze, forward smash, dash attack and dash attack. Furthermore, his strong edgeguarding and zoning skills combined with one of the strongest grab sets include his back aerial being used as an effective combo starter at low percentages while all of his throws can KO at high percentages make him one of the premier fighters on his team.

He boasts an effective neutral game with his safe-on-shield PK Fire that deals damage and features an aggressive disjoint that makes rushing more difficult, yet his poor shield pressure and subpar range makes him susceptible to juggling attacks from fast projectile characters like Sonic and Captain Falcon.

Personal Life

Lucas offers an effective zoning game and lethal edgeguarding options thanks to his high damage output, long-lived disjointed aerials that enable combos at lower percentages but can lead to knockouts at higher ones, and strong mixup potential. However, due to his floatiness and lack of any reliable combo-breaking moves or landing options he remains susceptible to opponents with greater range and priority juggling him over.

Lucas has seen both buffs and nerfs in Ultimate, with many of his key weaknesses from SSB4 being neutralized or reduced significantly in significance. Lucas’ down smash now hits three times with less end lag and harder hitting, making 2-frame punishes possible on jab locks or ledgetraps as well as becoming one of Ultimate’s powerful KO moves.

Net Worth

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George Lucas has become one of the richest individuals on earth due to the enormous success of his movies like Star Wars and Indiana Jones as well as production company Lucasfilm Ltd and technical effects studio Industrial Light & Magic. Additionally, George is renowned for being a generous philanthropist having donated millions to education-related causes.

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