Lucas Kephart

Lucas Kephart – Strength, Stamina and Passion to Succeed at the High Level

Baseball requires physical strength, stamina and passion in equal measures to compete at its highest levels, so Lucas Kephart understands its unique demands as an experienced strength coach and Division I collegiate baseball player.

He maintains an impressive GPA while playing an advanced skill position, and even survived an early bout with pneumonia that hospitalized him for eight days.

Early Life and Education

Lucas Kephart is an award-winning baseball coach and trainer, having helped thousands of players achieve their goals over 11 years in this industry. He teaches his students proper technique when playing the game while encouraging them to follow their passion. Furthermore, as a former Division 1 college baseball player himself he understands its rigors intimately.

He was an exceptionally passionate catcher who studied hard and maintained an impressive grade point average while playing baseball at Sacramento City College, then earned a scholarship to University of Texas at Austin as an outstanding baseball player. Recently he opened up his own business training young athletes to become star ball players.

Professional Career

Lucas Kephart is an accomplished strength coach and former Division I collegiate baseball player, possessing extensive knowledge about his sport and an in-depth understanding of what it takes to succeed at such levels. Utilizing his extensive expertise and passion for the game to assist other players reach their goals is what Lucas is most known for today.

He began coaching private lessons to students during his senior year of high school and has provided instruction ever since, aiding many individuals achieve active, skillful, mentally and physically strong athletes to excel in their games. His goal is to help players develop active practices as well as strong mental and physical habits to excel at playing their respective sports.

Kephart was recognized by Sacramento City College as Male Scholar-Athlete of the Year with an outstanding 3.8 grade point average while playing in a physically demanding position. Through hard work and persistence, he earned a scholarship to University of Texas under Augie Garrido – one of the most successful NCAA Division 1 coaches ever seen before!

Personal Life

Kephart has always taken pride in hard work. He attributes his success in baseball to a combination of factors including his strong work ethic and positive upbringing, dedication and commitment towards reaching his goals, receiving academic recognition such as City College scholar-athlete award.

His passion for baseball has inspired him to share his knowledge and expertise with other players. He offers one-on-one training sessions tailored specifically towards identifying your areas for improvement while building confidence to perform at your best in future games and tournaments.

He and his wife face a daunting task ahead of them as they renovate a house in Perry, but are finding small town life very livable and look forward to making new memories as part of this community.

Net Worth

Lucas Kephart’s passion for baseball and desire to hone its players’ abilities have earned him a place among its most highly sought-after coaches and instructors. His willingness to accept constructive criticism while declining unsolicited feedback demonstrate his dedication to professional and respectful interactions with his students. Find out more about lucas Kephart’s net worth, age, height, family life (parents/spouse/children), career & salary! Additionally check his networth & networth!

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