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The United Methodist Church is organized into conferences. At its highest level is known as the General Conference. Meeting every four years to make laws which will later be published as The Book of Discipline, this gathering serves as its legislative body.

Delegates to the General Conference come from annual conferences that are further subdivided into districts. District superintendents then serve local congregations.

Early Life and Education

Early in his Methodism career, Wesley encouraged followers to form small Christian groups for fellowship, social service, and religious instruction. He stressed the need for personal accountability and strong faith in Christ as well as opposing slavery and supporting women preachers; in addition he engaged in efforts that united Protestant denominations.

Lucas attended the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts and shared a dormitory with fellow film students Randal Kleiser and Hal Barwood, whom he became friends with. A course called Filmic Expression had an especially profound effect on him; its focus was non-narrative aspects like color, movement, and space in filmmaking.

Kelly joined St Lucas Preschool family in 2011 as an Early Childhood Development Teacher with her Bachelors degree. In her free time she enjoys reading and watching hockey games with her two boys.

Professional Career

Lucas held higher education leadership roles at six institutions for 34 years and held either vice president or president titles during 28 of those years. She began her higher education career at Mississippi State University where she served as an active student leader, president of her sorority, director of Student Union Board and was honored as Most Outstanding Senior Woman.

Lucas is an accomplished clarinet soloist and teacher with extensive classical and musical theatre performance experience. She has performed at several music festivals such as Sarasota Music Festival, Music Academy of the West Festival and Texas Music Festival; as well as performing in professional productions. Furthermore, Lucas enjoys teaching students of all ages.

Achievement and Honors

Lucas is an active member of the Mississippi Women’s Network and was honored to become one of its youngest Vice Presidents for Campus Life at Baldwin Wallace College, receiving national attention as such. She also served on executive staffs of Emory University, Mississippi State University and Millsaps College during this time.

She received the Hoyt L. Hickman award, given to students enrolled in either an MDiv or MTS program who demonstrate excellence in integrating academic study with constructive leadership and service activities, Louisiana Conference Woman of the Year honor, as well as being named one of 10 young careerists by Business and Professional Women Mississippi.

She has been involved with various civic and charitable organizations, serving on the Lauren Rogers Museum of Art’s Board of Trustees in Hattiesburg.

Personal Life

Pastor Randy Lucas was baptized and confirmed at St. Lucas UCC and has participated in five mission trips as a youth member, in addition to participating in softball and volleyball programs hosted by the church.

He is the author of several books on filmmaking and religion, serving as a consultant on both acclaimed television series The West Wing and American Graffiti movies.

American Zoetrope was established by USC cinema graduate Francis Ford Coppola as an independent film studio to free filmmakers from what he perceived to be Hollywood studio control. They wrote and directed science fiction film THX 1138 which received critical and commercial acclaim before following it up in 1973 with American Graffiti which became an international blockbuster hit.

Net Worth

In an environment in which values are often measured through physical assets, many people define their sense of worth based on how much wealth they possess – this has even become standard practice among businesses and professional sports teams.

Lucas Andrew Edwards, popularly known by his online moniker Icycol, is a prolific TikTok star, social media influencer, content creator, YouTuber and YouTube ad sense earner who makes good money through TikTok sponsorship deals and YouTube ad sense revenue streams.

He began his filmmaking career at Modesto Junior College, shooting with his own camera and attending screenings of underground 16 mm films by Canyon Cinema as well as classic European movies like Breathless and Jules et Jim. Here he met cinematographer Haskell Wexler, who was impressed by his talent and helped guide him towards success.

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