Lucas Page

Lucas Page – A Polymath, Astrophysicist, University Professor and Former FBI Agent

After New York’s Guggenheim Museum is devastated in a terrorist bombing that kills 702, FBI agent Brett Kehoe recruits astrophysicist and university professor Lucas Page to assist him with solving this crime. Page is known for being a know-it-all with a sharp tongue who also happens to have adopted children that call him father.

Early Life and Education

Lucas Page is an astrophysicist, professor, bestselling author and former FBI agent with an amazing array of talents – astrophysicist, professor, bestselling author and an ability to recognize patterns others miss despite having artificial arms, legs and eyes – making him an unparalleled scholar and innovator.

Page, who attends medical galas with his surgeon wife Erin in New York City, becomes aware of an alarming rise in medical practitioners dying due to accidents or suicide within a year’s timeframe. Utilizing his wizard brain, he realizes it must not be random and contacts the FBI with his findings for investigation purposes.

Do No Harm is an action-packed thriller featuring smart plotting, relentless pacing, and an intelligent protagonist – making for an entertaining ride!

Professional Career

Lucas had an outstanding 14-year professional basketball career – two in the American Basketball Association (ABA) and 12 in the NBA – during which time he scored 14,857 points and collected 9,306 rebounds, winning five All-Star selections (1 from the ABA and 4 from NBA).

His memorization skills impressed teammates and amused media members alike; he even developed alphabetizing systems and memory games he used to amuse young children at local schools. To add insult to injury, he became an ordained minister during his downtime!

Robert Pobi’s Lucas Page thrillers feature “a strong, wise, knowing narrative voice with an excellent plot and memorable characters” (Kirkus Reviews). In City of Windows, Lucas comes reluctantly out of retirement to help track down an unstoppable sniper; his unique ability to analyze crime scenes and calculate angles and trajectories may be necessary if any attempt at capture are to succeed.

Achievement and Honors

Lucas established Industrial Light and Magic special effects company, which has worked on more than half of the top ten grossing movies globally. Additionally, he is an accomplished producer, writer, director and writer in film and television.

He has won multiple writing awards, such as the Steinberg Playwriting Award and Jerome Fellowship from the Playwrights’ Center. Additionally, he belongs to Interstate 73 writers group as well as living at LMCC Workspace.

Page is an accomplished contemporary art collector who founded his PAGE (NYC) gallery five years ago in Manhattan’s Tribeca neighborhood, curating critically-acclaimed exhibitions by an eclectic mix of emerging international artists. Recently he received the J. Anthony Lukas Work-in-Progress Award intended to support nonfiction books that explore American political and social concerns.

Personal Life

Dr Lucas Page is a polymath and astrophysicist by training, university professor by experience, and former FBI agent by profession. With an exceptional gift for pattern recognition he often assists law enforcement agents with crimes. Living in New York City with Dr Erin (pediatric orthopaedic surgeon) and their five adopted children they reside.

Page was involved in an unfortunate work-related accident which left him with severe physical injuries, including losing an arm and eye. Yet despite these setbacks, he still thrives when taking on difficult cases and always willing to put his knowledge to use.

While attending a medical gala with his wife, he was alarmed to see a video memorializing doctors who have died under mysterious circumstances. Noticing many of those identified as murder victims as medical professionals himself, he immediately called up the FBI for assistance.

Net Worth

Lucas Andrew Edwards, more popularly known by his nickname Icycol, is a well-known TikTok star with millions of fans worldwide. As a social media influencer and content creator with an estimated net worth of $12 Million.

He boasts a large following on both Instagram and YouTube, where his content has been widely received by his viewers. Fred, his popular series on YouTube, is widely popular with viewers.

Page is an expert astrophysicist, university professor, husband, father and former FBI agent who lost both legs, an eye, and most of his brain in what he refers to as “the incident.” At a medical gala with his surgeon wife Erin in attendance, an event video showing all the recent deaths among doctors is played in memory of those lost; during which Page recognizes an unsettling pattern and contacts the FBI immediately.

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