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Willis “Diamondback” Stryker and the LUCAS Chest Compression System

Willis “Diamondback” Stryker gained his knife fighting expertise while training with Carl Lucas as part of a street gang. An adept fighter, Willis has no fear taking on anyone and engaging in bloody showdowns if necessary.

LUCAS 3 can help minimize caregiver risk during patient transport and in the cath lab with reduced x-ray exposure and less body strain for staff members. Furthermore, it allows easy post-event review with reports sent directly via email.

Early Life and Education

LUCAS was specifically designed for emergency vehicles to easily locate and utilize when needed. Capable of providing up to 102 evenly spaced chest compressions per minute, LUCAS can be used by people of all sizes while helping mitigate fatigue related to administering CPR manually.

Willis Stryker was brought up in Harlem alongside Carl Lucas and together they ran criminal operations together. Stryker earned himself the moniker Diamondback due to his adept use of knives – both wielded and thrown – earning him this nickname. Later joining the Syndicate as a high ranking member he eventually achieved full membership status within it.

As soon as he heard that Luke Cage had returned, with an ability to withstand bullets, he became concerned. Fearing an open season against Cage, Gadget had his weapons designer create special knives capable of harming even an impenetrable skin like Cage’s.

Professional Career

Stryker sales representatives work tirelessly to promote and sell Patient Resuscitation and Treatment (PRT) products that meet customer needs, with a mission of saving lives and making healthcare better.

LUCAS, developed by Jolife AB (now part of Stryker Corporation) and designed as an emergency care device, has revolutionized emergency care. Quick, reliable and safe operation make LUCAS an integral team player ready to assist during life-threatening incidents.

Stryker does not discriminate based on race, ethnicity, age, gender, religion, sex orientation sexual orientation national origin disability veteran status or any other protected characteristics. As part of its employment requirements all employees and contractors working with customer accounts must obtain a COVID-19 vaccination.

Achievement and Honors

LUCAS devices are intended to assist professional lifesavers with CPR in situations in which manual compression is challenging or impossible, relieving strain from rescuers and freeing them up for other lifesaving duties. Furthermore, this mechanical chest compression device may assist with transporting patients as well as reduce X-ray exposure and body movement.

Stryker and Jolife AB have collaborated since 2003 on developing this device, known as LUCAS, with its primary function of relieving body strain for CPR providers and providing more consistent chest compressions for improved patient outcomes.

Stryker has taken steps to increase diversity within orthopaedics by teaming with organizations such as the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons to provide mentoring and shadowing opportunities for medical students, while offering financial relief through its Reprocessed Equipment Program.

Personal Life

LUCAS Chest Compression System | Jolife AB Stryker Scheelevagen 17 Ideon Science Park

LUCAS System helps save lives by providing high-quality chest compressions that reduce caregiver stress while increasing EtCO2 levels and circulation for their patient, freeing medical professionals to focus on other lifesaving tasks.

Diamondback and Carl Lucas became Harlem street gang leaders together. After Maggia hit man Jason Maggia had taken out their boss, the Maggia Syndicate attacked their neighborhood. Soon thereafter, Diamondback pursued Reva Connors – which caused Lucas to feel jealous of this attention from Diamondback and take revenge through revenge attacks against Diamondback. Eventually though, when Diamondback began courting Reva Connors himself instead of Lucas, relations turned bitter; Lucas eventually turned violent on Diamondback as well.

After an epic fight, Cage and his new team defeat Diamondback. Unfortunately, Kilgrave still exerts his control and returns to create more chaos – only for him to be defeated by Danvers’ team.

Net Worth

Homer Stryker began his family fortune by creating orthopedic frames. Now it boasts one of the world’s biggest medical device companies and produces everything from hospital beds to an innovative saw for removing casts – all while being active philanthropically, making their clan one of the richest families in America.

This 2022 Comprehensive Report was prepared by Stryker Corporation of the United States and may not apply or be available in your market.

Donald L Lucas owns over 5 Million shares worth more than $84 Million of Oracle Corp (ORCL), Cadence Design Systems Inc (CDNS), and DexCom Inc (DXCM). Please see his latest filing with the SEC for details of his holdings.

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