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Lucid Motors and Its Headlights

Lucid Motors is making waves with their elegantly designed premium electric vehicles, including their flagship vehicle – Lucid Air – featuring an eye-catching exterior design sure to grab people’s attention.

Lucid Air’s headlights feature a Micro Lens Array system with thousands of light pixels capable of scanning the road for objects and adjusting their brightness accordingly.

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P&S Inspiration LUCID Headlight Coating provides the ideal way to protect headlights from natural wear as well as UV damage. Formulated specifically for use on polycarbonate lenses, one 30ml bottle covers 10 sets with one layer. Furthermore, LUCID can also be applied directly onto hard coated plastic areas on your vehicle exterior – each kit contains one 30ml bottle and an applicator pad.

Professional Career

Electric motors could potentially fail and dramatic features with no real purpose could become hazards on any given car; more moving parts mean greater chances of something going wrong; an example being Lucid Motor’s Air’s unique headlight transformation feature which adds some drama but could easily fail if something went amis.

P&S Inspiration has come up with an innovative coating designed to protect headlights from natural oxidation: LUCID is a high solids ceramic coating specially formulated for polycarbonate headlight lenses, providing the ideal finishing touch in restoration or brand new headlight protection from elements. Each kit contains 30ml bottle and an applicator pad.

Achievement and Honors

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Lucid Motors is currently developing the Air, a luxury electric vehicle. This car should have an expected range of 520 miles and be capable of reaching 60mph in under three seconds.

At Monterey Car Week at Inn at Spanish Bay, the company recently unveiled a prototype of its inaugural production vehicle and has already begun taking reservations online for it through their website. Customers can also experience it first hand at one of their studios.

Personal Life

The 2023 Lucid Air is packed with impressive technologies and offers something no other vehicle does: unique headlights with its Micro Lens Array system using thousands of light pixels that digitally control headlamp beam direction.

However, several Air owners have reported that their headlights produce dark spots or shadows during nighttime driving. Although these should help lessen the blinding effect of oncoming cars, these dark spots or shadows may prove distracting and potentially cause further accidents.

P&S Inspiration LUCID Headlight Coating is a high-solids ceramic coating specially formulated for polycarbonate headlight lenses, making it the perfect final step of a headlight restoration process and helping prevent naturally occurring oxidation. Furthermore, this coating can be used on other hard plastic areas of a vehicle’s exterior to provide added protection and prolong their lifespan.

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P&S Inspiration LUCID Headlight Coating provides an effective layer of protection to polycarbonate headlight lenses on vehicles. No matter if they are brand new or recently restored, this coating helps prevent natural wear-and-tear from the elements. One 30ml bottle can coat up to 10 sets of headlights.

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