Lucid Lens

Lucid Lens – A 2D Puzzle Game With a Story That Targets Your Emotions

Have you ever imagined seeing stars in your dreams? Taawoos Studios’ Lucid Lenses from Taawoos Studios may provide the answer – featuring painted art style and an emotional story to pull at your emotions! This 2D narrative puzzle game promises an experience like no other!

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Early Life and Education

At some point in our lives, most of us have looked up into the stars and been fascinated by its mysteries. Lucid Lenses is a two-dimensional narrative puzzle game which follows two astronomers separately and together on their pursuit of scientific research.

Mia Milligan’s story is both singular and relatable – everyone has experienced being judged, ridiculed or bullied by peers at one time or another, so watching Mia pursue her dreams regardless is truly inspiring. Even her choice to view something as horrifying (a decision inspired by watching her uncle clean and gut fish) through an ethereal lens was strikingly relatable – making this film both moving and cathartic; well worth viewing!

Professional Career

Lucid Lens is an educational game that helps individuals understand their motivations and emotions as well as take responsibility for solving any problems in their personal or professional lives. By developing confidence through this game, confidence levels in both aspects of life can increase significantly.

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Lucid Lens is an emotional tale about two people who share a passion for astronomy. The game boasts beautiful painted art style and an engaging plotline, keeping players hooked to their screens until the very last second!

Achievement and Honors

The game takes a leisurely pace that allows the story and characters to develop naturally while stirring your emotions. As such, you become invested in two scientists before even encountering your first puzzle!

Lucid Lenses will captivate you with their charming watercolor art style. Their captivating stories range from heartfelt conversations to nostalgic flashbacks, from artistic challenges to career dilemmas; so that you feel all their joys and sorrows first-hand.

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Personal Life

Are you an avid puzzle game fanatic? Lucid lens may have caught your attention; this narrative-heavy title tells the tale of two people who share an interest in astronomy and how their respective lives interact with one another.

This game includes an array of mini-games to keep players entertained between story beats. This experience is enhanced by soft vibrant painting-like art style designed to evoke feelings of both love and heartbreak, as the two main characters face many obstacles on their quest to fulfill their dreams; some challenges could force difficult choices that could alter the course of their lives forever.

Net Worth

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Taawoos Studios created Lucid Lenses as a 2D narrative puzzle game with painted art style that follows two characters through their individual lives. You will feel as if you know these characters personally by the time the final puzzle piece has been solved!

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