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Andrea Brillantes

Andrea Brillantes is a Filipina actress who has appeared in multiple TV series. She made her first debut in Goin’ Bulilit for kids’ comedy and has also made appearances in drama series such as Alyna.

Mabel lives alone in an extravagant Arconia apartment she cannot afford and is passionate about true crime. Although attracted to Alice, Mabel does not trust her enough for any romantic involvement.

Early Life and Education

Andrea Brillantes, daughter of Mabel and Byron Gorostiza, has become an actress and model, appearing in various TV shows and movies over time. She is best known for playing Annaliza in ‘Annaliza’ and Marga Bartolome in ‘Kadenang Ginto’ respectively.

Mabel returned home where Alice was waiting with a surprise present she had handcrafted during the blackout: an intricate puzzle created especially for Mabel! When Mabel opened it up she discovered it had become part of a larger work of art!

Mabel returned to the theater for the sitzprobe, sitting in the audience while Dickie performed. Later she received a call from Detective Williams telling her that the real killer remained at large and suspected it might be Sixth Avenue Strangler; she recognized it from when Cliff tucked it into his pocket the night Zoe died.

Professional Career

Andrea Brillantes (also known as Anndrew Blythe Daguio Gorostiza) is a Filipino actress who began acting at an early age. She is best-known for her roles as Annaliza in Annaliza and Marga Bartolome in Kadenang Ginto; E-Boy (2012) and Alyna (2010) were other television series where she can be found.

She first made her television debut as part of Goin’ Bulilit in 2010, followed by ABS-CBN drama series Alyna in 2011. By 2012, she made her E-Boy debut playing Princess, an eccentric boyish girl who believed in fairy tales. Additionally, she made appearances on various TV5 programs such as Wansapanataym.

Mabel Gorostiza and Byron Gorostiza are her parents; Mabel works from home while Byron works abroad. Kayla Aan, Kismet and Nina are her three sisters.

Achievement and Honors

Andrea Brillantes is best-known for her role as Annaliza Querubin on the 2013 primetime series Annaliza. Additionally, she has appeared in E-Boy and Alyna as well as other television series.

She made her television debut as herself at seven in Goin’ Bulilit for children’s comedy. Since then, she has found success landing guest, supporting, and leading roles on over 20 shows.

Child actress Kayla Gorostiza was born in Taytay, Rizal on March 12th 2003 to parents Mabel and Byron Gorostiza and has one brother as well as three sweet sisters named Kayla Aan, Kismet and Nina. Whenever it comes to working on projects with mother Mabel usually being her constant companion.

Personal Life

Andrea Brillantes lives with her mother, father and three sisters: Kayla Aan is close to all three while their relationship grows stronger every day. Andrea’s parents Byron Gorostiza and Mabel Gorostiza provide her with all of her needs while her sisters help each other learn new skills.

At seven, she made her television debut on Goin’ Bulilit – a children’s comedy show for kids that showcased children with special needs – and immediately was recognized for her acting talent, landing roles in several television shows including E-boy and Alyna as well as guest spots on Wansapanataym and other TV5 programs.

Her mother Belle is an impressive freediver with four national records to her credit and represented America at the AIDA Pool World Championship held in Jeju, Korea.

Net Worth

Andrea Brillantes is an up-and-coming young actress who has quickly made her mark in Hollywood at an extremely early age. She has appeared in multiple popular TV series and films and boasts an immense social media fan base as well as her own YouTube channel.

She began her acting career with TV5 shows like Goin’ Bulilit and has made several guest appearances across various programs such as E-Boy. In 2012 she made her E-Boy debut as Princess; later making guest appearances in Wansapanataym as well.

Teen actress Nina Gorostiza has not disclosed much of her personal life. Born March 12th 2003 to Mabel and Byron Gorostiza, Nina is one of three siblings; Kismet, Nina and Kayla Ann make up her immediate family.

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