Maritza Thomas

Maritza Thomas – Husband of Former NFL Linebacker Zach Thomas

Maritza Thomas is married to former NFL linebacker Zach Thomas and they share three children together. However, the couple prefers not to make public statements regarding their family life.

Christian Thomas, 12, is especially fond of playing soccer. Valentina Thomas is their middle child at 10 and also very interested.

Early Life and Education

Thomas was born and raised in Pampa, Texas. His family has always been his source of strength and support throughout his life; especially with regards to his wife and children whom he enjoys spending time with and supporting in all their endeavours.

He has two other children – Valentina and Christian – whom he enjoys taking to soccer practice every day. Christian is particularly fond of soccer, so his dad enjoys taking him there every day as well.

His wife is Maritza Thomas, a doctorate graduate of Nova Southeastern University. The two first met at Gathering Country Western Club in Davie in 2003 but didn’t hit it off on that night – fate brought them back together again a few months later in Florida and this time things clicked and they soon began dating!

Professional Career

Thomas was honored with first-team All-America, Butkus Award finalist, and Big 12 Defensive Player of the Year awards in his senior season at Texas Tech University. Additionally, he was inducted into both College and Texas Tech Halls of Fame.

At the outset of his professional career, he joined the Miami Dolphins. Over 12 seasons with them he earned five All-Pro selections and made the NFL 2000s All-Decade Team; additionally, he was nominated three times as a finalist for Hall of Fame consideration.

Thomas and Maritza have three children together and met through Roundup Country Western Club in Davie in 2003 before marrying shortly thereafter. Now living together in Hillsborough Beach, Florida they prefer living a simpler lifestyle by spending time together spending quality time with their kids while watching football together on television.

Achievement and Honors

Thomas has proven her mettle both professionally and academically, consistently earning placement on both Dean’s Lists for both graduate and undergraduate studies, receiving various academic honors – such as being recognized with the Graduate Award for Distinguished Achievement.

Thomas is married to Zach Thomas and they share three children; her eldest, Christian, who is 12 years old and loves soccer is always part of Thomas and her husband’s attendance at his games.

Valentina, her younger daughter at 11 is also interested in soccer and she and her husband have begun taking her to his football games as a show of support for her. Their personal lives remain relatively low-profile – staying out of the spotlight.

Personal Life

Zach Thomas and Maritza Thomas have been in a loving marriage for 16 years and share an extraordinary connection. Maritza attended Nova Southeastern College and holds a doctorate of Drug store degree.

At Gathering Country Western club in Davie, Ohio, they first met. On that evening Zach was with Todd Swim while she attended with friends. Although they initially did not click that evening, fate brought them together again several months later in Florida and this time around everything clicked perfectly.

Valentina, Sienna and Christian make up their three children. After Zach resigned he often takes them everywhere they need to go – similar to an Uber driver!

Net Worth

Maritza Thomas and Zach Thomas share three beautiful children together – Valentina, Sienna and Christian. Both parties remain private in their relationship as former NFL linebacker Zach Thomas keeps his personal life away from media scrutiny.

According to sources, Zach and Maritza met initially at a Gathering Country Western club in Davie where Zach was with his teammates and Maritza with her companions. Unfortunately they did not interact much that evening but fate brought them together again months later in Florida where it all clicked and they began dating.

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