Marlene Tepper

Marlene Tepper – Biography and Net Worth

Marlene Tepper is best known as the former wife of billionaire David Tepper, founder of Appaloosa Management and owner of two National Football League teams and two soccer clubs as well as preside over a large hedge fund firm in Livingston, New Jersey.

He has made numerous charitable donations, including $55 million to Carnegie Mellon University – now bearing his name – where the school now bears his name.

Early Life and Education

Tepper was raised in Pittsburgh. While attending Peabody High School he transformed from shy student into class clown and often caused trouble by making jokes that would land him in trouble with principal’s office, leading them to give either 10 paddle whacks or suspension of 10 days for infraction.

He attended the University of Pittsburgh and paid for his education by working at the Frick Fine Arts Library. Later, he earned an MBA degree from Carnegie Mellon.

He married Marlene Resnick in 1986 and they shared three children. However, in 2016, they parted ways due to their ongoing disputes. He is the founder of Appaloosa Management, a global hedge agency in Florida as well as owning National Football League team Carolina Panthers and Major League Soccer team Charlotte FC.

Professional Career

Marlene Resnick Tepper was born November 18, 1958, an American of white nationality who currently stands five feet six inches. She weighs in at approximately 65 kilograms with black hair and eyes.

Tepper was first married to her current partner in 1986 and has three children: Casey, Randi, and Brian. Ultimately the couple separated in 2014.

Tepper is an accomplished philanthropist who has made significant donations to many educational systems and groups working towards bettering education for children. Additionally, he provided disaster relief in New Jersey after Hurricane Sandy hit and Chicago after COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, generous contributions were made in his former employer Goldman Sachs as well. Tepper is also an avid sports fan with multiple professional teams in his collection.

Achievement and Honors

Tepper was driven to excel academically and gain success, which enabled him to embark upon his finance career with distinction. He earned an honors degree from the University of Pittsburgh’s Department of Economics while supporting himself financially by working at Frick Fine Arts Library during college.

After graduating, Tepper established Appaloosa Management and developed his skills as a distressed debt investor by targeting undervalued assets with growth potential and recovery prospects. He quickly earned a reputation for his aggressive investing style and bold bets which often yield substantial returns.

Tepper spends much of his time and resources running his hedge fund as well as engaging in philanthropy activities, contributing to many individuals and organizations across New York and New Jersey. Furthermore, he holds stakes in two NFL teams (Pittsburgh Steelers and Carolina Panthers).

Personal Life

Marlene Tepper had been married to David Tepper, an American billionaire investor. They tied the knot in 1986 and shared three children: Casey, Randi, and Brian. However, in 2014 their relationship came to an end and Marlene started dating Barry Brandt instead.

The couple owns both an elegant home in New Jersey and an oceanfront property in Hamptons Beach, both of which they donate to numerous charitable and community causes.

Tepper has a deep passion for education and donates regularly to his alma mater Carnegie Mellon University. Additionally, he serves on multiple boards and committees of philanthropic and community organizations in New York and New Jersey. Aside from investment and philanthropic activities, he enjoys playing baseball, soccer and other sports.

Net Worth

Marlene Resnick Tepper has an estimated net worth of more than $11 billion. Her ex-husband David Tepper runs Appaloosa Management, a global hedge fund agency. Additionally, they own the Carolina Panthers National Football League franchise and Major League Soccer team.

In 2016, Tepper relocated his business from New Jersey to Florida, where state income taxes are significantly lower, leaving New Jersey without approximately $80 million annually in tax revenue.

Philanthropist Robert Levy has given generously to both Jersey City and Chicago. His giving includes over $22 million toward COVID-19 relief efforts. Levy has also long supported Jewish community causes like United Jewish Communities for their Israel Emergency Campaign as well as numerous programs run by UJC.

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