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Storm Bowling Balls – The Marvel Pearl

The Marvel Pearl bowling ball packs an enormous punch! Featuring the Centripetal Core with an extremely low center of gravity and cascading channels to maximize mid-lane control and allow an easier direction change downlane, this solid core bowling ball from Solid is sure to please. R2X Pearl coverstock from Prodigy has been modified with less surface roughness and 1500-grit polish for better skid-flip reactions.

Early Life and Education

While she was immersed in AlonTech’s experiment, Pearl was exposed to a powerful surge of mahika (the unifying magical energy of Filipino gods and goddesses). This exposure altered her genes so much that Pearl gained the ability to control water around her, earning her the name Wave from her teammates at Triumph Division.

Pearl’s first test of her powers came when she used hydrokinetic abilities to stop a massive squid from devouring an innocent civilian. Although eventually the creature submerged into deeper ocean waters, giving Pearl enough time to use these deeper waters as cover.

Storm Marvel Pearl offers the same lower RG core found in both solid Marvel and Prodigy R2X bowling balls, yet with an eye-catching pearlized coverstock for increased response.

Professional Career

The Marvel Pearl is an excellent companion ball to its solid counterpart. Utilizing similar smooth transitions as its solid sibling but with greater continuous energy, which results in more total hook downlane. Storm has produced one of their stronger pearls here; this ball will pair perfectly with other early yet smooth reactions such as Gamebreaker and Hy Road balls.

The Centripetal Core ball features an early rolling, smooth core which makes for ideal sport shot patterns with tight backends or house shots requiring greater natural friction for cleaner front-to-back shots.

Personal Life

The Marvel Pearl marks Storm’s Master line’s inaugural pearl coverstock since Agent, featuring a low RG core that falls between that of solid Marvel and pearlized R2X Prodigy with no ETM (Enhanced Traction Mica). This allows more energy to be utilized up front while still creating strong changes of direction at the back end. Sean bowled with it on 2000 Abralon surface with great success while maintaining smooth transition through pins; though more surface adjustment and layout adjustments may be needed when used for house shot bowling.

Net Worth

Oleg Burlakov was known as the Sultan of Yachting before his tragic passing due to COVID-19 in 2021 and left an impressive fortune that was used to invest in eco-friendly yacht construction projects and acquisition. Additionally, he owned one of the premier sailing yachts known as Oceanco Sailing Yacht Black Pearl which many considered an epitome of luxury yachting.

Keira Knightley has become one of Hollywood’s highest-earning actors thanks to her acting gigs and endorsement deals. Her huge bank account attests to this status – her estimated net worth stands at about US$8 Million! The Marvel Pearl is designed as the ideal complement for smoother equipment such as the Marvel Solid, Prodigy Hy Road Gamebreaker. This ball uses an early revving centripetal core enclosed within a more continuous cover to produce longer and smoother reactions for greater realism and performance.

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