Mary And Romain Wedding Song

Mary and Romain Bonnet’s Wedding Song Revealed!

During the course of the Selling Sunset series, Mary and Romain Bonnet reportedly got hitched, and there was plenty of buzz around it. However, if you didn’t follow the show closely, you might have overlooked the fact that Mary and Romain actually got hitched. Luckily, TMZ has the scoop. A source close to the show claims that Mary and Romain’s wedding took place more than four months after their divorce. However, Romain and Mary still aren’t on the same page about having kids.

For instance, Mary doesn’t appear to be a fan of daddyhood, and Romain isn’t exactly the father of the year. However, they have rekindled their friendship. In the newest episode, titled the wedding, Romain and Mary have a heart to heart about the matter. In fact, it’s one of the most dramatic scenes of the series. After all, these two execs are in different life stages, and have very different outlooks on life. So much so that Romain doesn’t even want to invite his ex to their wedding.

On a more practical note, Mary and Romain reportedly got hitched on March 9, 2018. The ceremony took place in Ventura County, California. According to TMZ, the event was officiated by a deputy commissioner of civil marriages. The ceremony was also the shortest one ever, clocking in at just eight minutes.

The event took place more than a year before the show aired, and more than a year after their divorce. Interestingly, TMZ obtained a copy of Mary and Romain’s marriage certificate and marriage license. A copy of their marriage certificate can be seen below. However, the document does not include a full copy of the ceremony itself. The aforementioned omission is a red flag. However, Mary and Romain still insist that their wedding was a true-to-life affair.

The best part is, they were actually able to do it. In fact, TMZ obtained a copy of the wedding certificate from the Ventura County Clerk’s Office, so they can verify their claims. However, if TMZ can’t verify this, it’s likely that Mary and Romain aren’t really married.

Despite all this, they still say it’s the best day of their lives. In fact, they have even been spotted together in London. It’s also been said that Mary and Romain supposedly spent more time together in the months prior to their nuptials than they did during the show. That’s an impressive feat for a couple who had a divorce and were in different stages of life. Hopefully, the show will bring them back together, and give them the best days of their lives.

The Selling Sunset series has certainly been an interesting ride so far. From the convoluted wedding planning of Jason Oppenheim to the nutty sexiness of Romain and Mary, fans of the show have been treated to some of the best drama on television. While the show might be a tad long-winded at times, there is always one happy couple, and if the ratings are anything to go by, there’s no denying that they have a good time together.

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