Matt Adler Net Worth

Matt Adler has made great strides in his career within an extremely short period. He is well known in the entertainment world and enjoys popularity all across the world.

Flight of the Navigator, Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs and Chronicle gave him widespread acclaim in Hollywood. Currently married to Laura San Giacomo and living in California.

Early Life and Education

Matt Adler is an American movie actor known for appearing in numerous films. Additionally, he has established himself in music as an accomplished musician who has served as backup vocalist with Guns N’ Roses.

At present, he is working on additional dialogue recordings for feature films. Additionally, he is an avid supporter of education; having established his own foundation providing scholarships for deserving students.

He is married with two children from California and enjoys surfing as a leisure activity. Born 8 December 1966 under Sagittarius sign, he has made several notable projects like Flight of Navigator and Teen Wolf as an actor known for their talent and devotion.

Professional Career

As an actor in Hollywood movies, Matt Adler has demonstrated his acting talents through various performances in such iconic titles as Flight of the Navigator, Dinosaur and Chronicle. These roles have earned him widespread acclaim from both film audiences and Hollywood executives alike.

He also practices law as an attorney specializing in eminent domain law and representing property owners in disputes with governmental entities. Through tenacity and sound judgment he has built a successful practice while successfully negotiating lucrative settlements for his clients.

He is currently married to Laura San Giacomo and they reside in California, United States. Previously he married Ria Pavia in 1993 but they divorced two years later. He is proud of being the father of three children and maintains close ties with his family.

Achievement and Honors

Professionally, he has achieved many successes. He was honored for his roles in Flight of the Navigator, Dinosaur and Chronicle and received multiple acclamations awards for them. Personally he enjoys a fulfilling relationship with Laura San Giacomo whom he married since 2000; they share an undeniably strong bond.

As Mayor of Austin, he has taken on multiple initiatives designed to foster economic development and address social concerns. These efforts include working to draw in major companies to Austin while pushing affordable housing initiatives forward. Outside his work life, he enjoys exploring Austin’s diverse neighborhoods while supporting local businesses; music is his passion so he also frequents concerts locally. His philanthropic efforts stand testament to his dedication and desire for making an impactful difference in society.

Personal Life

Matt Adler was born in California on 8 December 1966 and is best known as an American actor best known for his supporting roles in teen films from the 80s like Dream A Little Dream, White Water Summer and North Shore. Additionally he works recording dialogue for feature films.

He is currently married to actress Laura San Giacomo and they reside together in San Fernando Valley, California. Prior to that he was in a two-year relationship with actress Ria Pavia.

Philanthropist Jonathan Adler has made it his mission to aid young people succeed. Additionally, Adler has advocated for social justice by speaking out about issues impacting his community and receiving several awards for his efforts – truly making an impressionful impression upon many individuals around him.

Net Worth

Matt Adler Net Worth hails from United States. At 57 years old and still actively acting professionally, Matt Adler enjoys an enormous fan base worldwide.

He enjoys considerable wealth and fame but lives a relatively simple lifestyle. He reportedly has an estimated net worth between $1 Million to $5 Million; with acting being his main source of income.

As well as acting, he also practices law specializing in eminent domain law and represents property owners in disputes with local governments. His successful law practice has helped numerous community organizations and initiatives. When not practicing or acting he enjoys surfing – being part of Surfrider Foundation membership as well as environmental conservation initiatives.

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