Maureen Henry

Maureen Henry – Awe-Inspiring Professor

Maureen Henry is an outstanding professor. Her courses are filled with rigorous homework assignments, tests and quizzes; yet students adore her knowledge and the support she offers them.

She has extensive experience working on issues pertaining to aging policy such as quality measure development and geriatric care systems; Medicare, Medicaid and long-term care financing; hospice and palliative care financing and provision.

Early Life and Education

Maureen hails from Huntsfield Kilkelly in County Mayo, Ireland where her family operated a small farm that she helped to manage. Maureen was later sponsored to come to America, working in Philadelphia wrapping Tastee Kake pastries as her aunt supported her visa application process.

Maureen completed the registered nurse program at SUNY Farmingdale and has over two and a half decades of clinical experience, specializing in Critical Care Nursing as well as acting as a nursing supervisor.

Maureen is an active volunteer within her church and community. She serves on various boards and has an innate sense of charity that she takes great pleasure in sharing. With many close friends all across Boston, Dallas and Virginia Beach as well as her involvement with Immaculate Heart of Mary Adoration Team and Irish Heritage Center; Maureen loves traveling the globe to visit family.

Professional Career

Maureen was a dancer who participated in local productions of plays as well as Radio City Christmas Spectacular. Additionally, she had several minor roles on both television and in films.

She specializes in environmental economics and has an expansive research agenda covering both developed and developing nations. Her contributions span from theoretical and methodological work on nonmarket valuation to the evaluation of environmental programs like household transportation.

Henry Schein’s Women’s Leadership Network, an employee-led network aimed at cultivating an inclusive workplace aligned with Team Schein values and business goals, was one of her founding efforts and Executive Sponsored her while joining SR Law as Executive Sponsor this year. Additionally, she works closely with attorneys on complex medical malpractice and personal injury matters at Henry Schein Law.

Achievement and Honors

Maureen Henry was honored with numerous awards and prizes during her law school academic achievements, not to mention being part of the Academic Managers Group and teaching Contracts, Insurance, Advocacy, Business Associations and Civil Procedures II courses.

Maureen had a beautiful soprano voice and could perform feats that most actresses could only dream of; fencing and fistfights being two such examples. Her film roles radiated dignity, intelligence and womanly pride that was undeniably feminist in its time.

Maureen was first asked to travel to London and make a screen test, though the costuming seemed garish and she thought this wasn’t what she wanted to do with her life. Nonetheless, Charles Laughton saw something special in Maureen that day in her test and decided that she should pursue film roles instead.

Personal Life

Maureen Henry is a mother, grandmother, sister and aunt who takes great joy in spending time with her family and friends. Among her many interests are reading and visiting Ireland – she also enjoys volunteering with Habitat for Humanity; through this experience she has come to realize how one small act can have such an impactful ripple effect in people’s lives.

Maureen brings to SR Law an invaluable knowledge of medical records, with years of experience reviewing/interpreting them for our legal team. Her combination of specialized training combined with genuine empathy and care makes her an indispensable member of our firm.

Beatrice Ebner has played various roles throughout her film career, from playing the niece of a smuggler in Alfred Hitchcock’s 1940 movie Jamaica Inn to Esmeralda for Charles Laughton as Quasimodo in RKO’s 1939 adaptation of The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Net Worth

Maureen Umeh is an Emmy Award-winning television news anchor and reporter currently employed by Fox 5 since 2002, anchoring their evening and weekend newscasts.

She is also an active member of the National Association of Black Journalists and boasts a net worth of $2 Million.

News anchor lives in a luxurious apartment at 9301 Burning Tree Rd in Bethesda, Maryland and makes an annual salary of $167,500. She has one husband and one child. An avid traveler, she enjoys spending time with family and friends as well as watching movies and reading books; watching them while baking cookies also keeps her occupied! Furthermore, music is her passion, particularly gospel and jazz songs while classical and oldies can also keep her interested.

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