mcdonough’s farm

McDonough’s Farm in Chenango County, New York

McDonough’s Farm attracts visitors seeking a peaceful escape in its scenic Chenango County setting, including families, outdoor enthusiasts and artists seeking an idyllic destination to spend summer days or take advantage of autumn colors or winter snow play.

Jack and Maureen McDonough run a Christmas tree farm and flower garden on Gilligan Rd in East Greenbush year-round; working hard in all weather.

Early Life and Education

McDonough was raised in South Boston (affectionately referred to as “Southie”) and is the son of legendary sportswriter Will McDonough (known as Will of South Boston). Since childhood he has always had an affinity for ranching lifestyle; today, as an attorney by trade he divides his time between work obligations and his Pampa ranch near Pampa homestead.

Sarah and Samantha McDonough help their father with farming and ranching operations, in hopes that one day they may take over their father’s business.

The farm specializes in growing trees from transplants, which offer better survival odds than seedlings. They also purchase precut trees from other farmers to supplement their own supply. Each April vacation camp, many children return as guests from nearby youth groups – many returning every summer for one or more weeks of activities on the farm!

Professional Career

McDonough credits Webb Farm at UD with drawing her to the university, where she assists with various animals. Working there is part of what attracted her and has been an essential element in her learning experience. Furthermore, she leads various agriculture-related extracurricular organizations like Sigma Alpha professional agricultural sorority and the Agriculture College Council which give her invaluable leadership experience while expanding her resume.

Jack and Maureen both recognize that their business depends on sustained interest in the farm, particularly as Christmas tree season draws to a close. As this time draws nearer they fear that without such interest coming their way it won’t survive so they are taking every precaution possible to keep it alive.

Achievement and Honors

McDonough offers both service and manufacturing businesses, but is best known for its vibrant artistic community that enjoys using this space to express themselves freely. McDonough boasts an impressive list of historic sites and events as well.

Jack and Maureen have been honored with both Century Farm and Bicentennial Farm statuses from New York state, which recognize farms operating for 100+ years under one family ownership. Alongside selling Christmas trees, the couple also run an educational spring vacation camp where they grow brassicas and other cold-hardy crops to teach kids about farming.

They also care for 13 hives and share their knowledge about pollination with their community.

Personal Life

Jack McDonough and Maureen are owners of an East Greenbush farm on Gilligan Road that sells Christmas trees and flowers, and requires daily work to run successfully – this involves mowing, weeding, spraying to combat pests and diseases as well as fertilization on a regular basis to ensure success of their crop.

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Net Worth

Jack and Maureen McDonough work tirelessly at their tree farm, tending to fields, spraying for pests and diseases, fertilizing (with six tons of chemicals each year) as necessary, and often overseeing repairs on vehicles used for transportation of trees.

This 303-acre farm is best known for its annual strawberry picking, peach picking and pre-cut Fraser Fir Christmas trees. Visitors can also take advantage of a four-acre corn maze as well as various outdoor attractions.

McDonough first gained widespread recognition through his recurring role on The Waltons. Since then, he has appeared in other television shows and films such as Boomtown, Star Trek: First Contact and Minority Report. Additionally, he provided his voice for Bruce Banner’s animated character in 2005’s The Incredible Hulk video game. McDonough is also an active Catholic and member of his church community.

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