Megan Fox Marc Jacobs Bag

Megan Fox Experiments With Bold Details on the Red Carpet

If you’ve been following the celebrity fashion scene for awhile, you’ve probably heard of Megan Fox. She’s been a big star since the mid-noughties, and in that time she’s worn all kinds of clothes. As of late, however, she’s been taking more risks on the red carpet. The 29-year-old actress has a reputation for experimenting with bold details, and that’s been reflected on the red carpet.

One of the biggest trends to hit the red carpet in recent years has been hot pink. It’s a color that most women would shy away from, but Megan has taken it on. While she hasn’t gone as far as wearing a full-blown pink dress, she has paired hot pink with other colors, such as purple. And she’s always carrying a designer accessory.

Megan has been known to wear an array of styles over the years, from a sweet little mini skirt to an elegant gown. Her style is quite unique, and she has always had a strong sense of what she wants to look like. In her early career, she wore sweet outfits that were elegant and form-fitting. On the other hand, she also embraced more daring styles, such as cutouts and sheer panels.

She’s also been known to wear a lot of black. But in the last few years, she’s been experimenting with more colors and patterns. For example, she attended the GQ Men of the Year Party in Hollywood wearing a color-blocked Roger Vivier purse. At the time, she was dating Machine Gun Kelly.

She also attended the Met Gala in 2021, and her look was one of the most memorable. Her dress featured dramatic criss-cross cutouts. That was a big change from the usual denim-based couples looks. However, MGK matched her look with a turtleneck top with a red rose motif.

Megan also stepped out on the red carpet in a peplum cherry red dress. This look stayed true to Megan’s personal style, and she paired it with mega strappy heels and a matching bag.

She’s also been spotted wearing a coffee brown knitted mini dress with long sleeves and a subtle corset-like panel around the torso. And she’s even shown off a tuxedo suit, as well.

Megan and MGK have been going through a pretty big wardrobe overhaul recently. After their relationship went public, they began dressing more like each other. They usually have their own distinct tastes, but they have also begun to coordinate their looks. When they have run-ins with the paparazzi, they have started to wear a coordinating look, as seen here with their red-carpet outfits for the MTV VMAs.

Since their relationship started in the spring of 2020, Megan and MGK have been going on many trips together. During that time, they have been inseparable. And, of course, they have been a pair of total trendsetters. They’re not the only people in the fashion world who have gotten in on the “hot pink” trend. Other celebrities such as Dua Lipa and Bella Hadid are also known to carry a Marc Jacobs bag.

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