Meile Rockefeller

Meile Rockefeller – Lawyer and Philanthropist

Meile Rockefeller hails from United States and currently ranks 3535 on the elite list of Lawyers.

Meile earned both her Bachelor and Law degrees at Williams College. Additionally, she has an art background. In 1987 she renovated 168 Duane Street into high-end condominiums.

Early Life and Education

Meile Rockefeller, an award-winning attorney and philanthropist, is the granddaughter of John Davison Rockefeller – founder of Standard Oil. She is also great-granddaughter of John D. Rockefeller – one of America’s wealthiest individuals and influential philanthropists in history. Meile serves as chairman for Pocantico Development Associates real-estate development firm.

Rockefeller was an exceptional leader, known for his strength of character and ability to complete complex business transactions with grace and skill. Although cautious, he would only undertake ventures he felt were sure-bets; once committed he never wavered.

His business success propelled him into an unprecedented level of power and wealth. He controlled what he considered the lifeblood of the country and became one of the most powerful men worldwide.

Professional Career

Rockefeller graduate work can take various forms, including biomedical science research and pharmaceutical development; teaching; management consulting; technology transfer, intellectual property protection, writing/publishing. Rockefeller alumni can also find work in real estate development, philanthropy and law.

Rockefeller was particularly close to her grandfather Nelson who believed that “capital and labor are powerful forces that need intelligent legislation to keep under control”. Thus her assessment of the possible ramifications of civil disobedience was practical and in line with their family’s commitment to responsible capitalism.

Meile Rockefeller, born December 5, 1955 in the United States is an esteemed attorney estimated to be worth anywhere from $1-5 Million.

Achievement and Honors

Meile Rockefeller, granddaughter of oil magnate and philanthropist Rodman Clark Rockefeller was arrested for civil disobedience near Gov. George Pataki’s office in New York City and immediately the media was there to cover it.

Albany, New York. Dedication ceremonies for SUNY Plaza with program, draft copy, reading copy and correspondence including taped speech.

New York, New York. Delivering a speech about art to the University Club. Transcript and memoranda provided.

Press conference regarding the announcement of a new reproduction method for The Nelson Rockefeller Collection, Inc. Press release and transcript of remarks provided at event.

Personal Life

John Rockefeller became one of the world’s first billionaires and was widely respected philanthropist. His business success attracted both admirers and detractors; however, and he had an exceptional grasp of media manipulation.

He donated over $1 billion during his life and is considered one of the greatest lay benefactors in medicine. Additionally, he played an essential role in land conservation by creating several national parks and opening over 20 million acres for public use.

Sailors for the Sea was established by him to combine his love of sailing with education about marine conservation issues. Additionally, he serves on the Council on Foreign Relations board of directors and as a member of Bohemian Grove. Richard Gilder and he are married, with two children from that union.

Net Worth

The Rockefeller family, led by John Davison Rockefeller (d. 1839 – 1937, known as “Senior”) and William Rockefeller, accumulated one of the world’s greatest fortunes during the late 19th and early 20th centuries through their oil business Standard Oil. Additionally, this family is associated with and controls Chase Manhattan Bank.

Rockefeller amassed a vast fortune through innovative business practices such as vertical integration, aggressive expansion and other methods, estimated to be around US$340 billion today. He used this wealth to positively shape society through various philanthropic efforts.

Meile is an accomplished lawyer with impressive earnings who prefers keeping their personal financial details private.

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