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Daymond John and His Daughter Minka Jagger

He shares daughters Yasmeen and Destiny with his former spouse and daughter Minka with current partner Heather Taras; keeping their lives out of the limelight.

Taras is an entrepreneur herself and also has two stepchildren from her previous relationship with John. Together with John’s daughter, they enjoy spending Halloween together, often dressing up coordinating costumes.

Early Life and Education

Early on in his career, Jagger sang in a local church choir before developing an affinity for blues music – particularly American artists like Howlin’ Wolf, Little Richard and Muddy Waters. Later he went on to form The Rolling Stones rock band alongside Keith Richards and Brian Jones.

He is best known for his striking stage presence and countercultural persona, as well as for starring in films as the Australian outlaw Ned Kelly or in Werner Herzog’s adaptation of 1965 science fiction novel Dune from 1970.

John is married to Heather Taras, a nurse, and has one child together: 6-year-old Minka Jagger John. Additionally, John has two other daughters from previous relationships — Yasmeen and Destiny — whom he also raised alongside Minka Jagger John. John recently discussed what it’s like raising them in an online interview on YouTube.

Professional Career

Daymond John is best known as an author but also serves as founder and CEO of Shark Group and FUBU. Married to Heather Taras, Daymond John has one daughter together with Heather: Minka Jagger John; Yasmeen and Destiny are daughters from his previous marriages.

Heather Jagger may not be as well-known, but she still plays an essential part of their family unit. She lends support for Jagger’s stellar career while being an attentive mother to Minka Jagger, their daughter.

She and Daymond have always taken care to remain private, remaining out of the media limelight and participating in charity work and philanthropy endeavors. Yasmeen and Destiny are biological daughters, while Minka is their stepdaughter – all three reside together in New York City where they make time for one another and maintain an enjoyable marriage despite busy schedules.

Achievement and Honors

Minka Jagger John is the daughter of entrepreneur and Shark Tank star Daymond John. Born March 2016, this adorable daughter boasts an impressive Instagram page which is managed by both of her parents.

Heather Taras, an active part of their lives together and mother to their daughter, regularly supports and promotes her husband’s career as an entrepreneur. In 2022 they dressed up as Darth Vader and Cruella de Vil respectively for Halloween celebrations.

He is also proud to call Yasmeen and Destiny daughters from his first marriage, whom he describes as being among “two of the most special women I have ever known”.

Personal Life

John Jagger is a proud girl dad to his three daughters: Yasmeen and Destiny from his first marriage; Minka Jagger from Heather Taras whom he married in 2018. Minka often appears on both parents’ Instagram accounts and even has her own account!

She loves spending time with her mom and taking photographs, dressing up for Halloween as Minka the dinosaur or superhero and visiting her father’s show set on ABC’s Shark Tank.

Robert Herjavec and Barbara Corcoran have become close to her family, serving as reminders of the significance of family. Each have supported one another’s endeavors and shared many happy moments together – providing a wonderful example of how successfully blended families can coexist.

Net Worth

Daymond John is an investor and entrepreneur best known as the founder of FUBU clothing line and appearance on ABC reality television show Shark Tank. His estimated net worth stands at $350 Million.

He has three daughters from his previous marriage – Destiny and Yasmeen. In 2018, he married Heather Taras who gave birth to Minka Jagger John.

He owns an impressive collection of luxury cars and real estate, as well as being an accomplished motivational speaker and author of several books.

His Wiki page details that he is an ardent fan of the Miami Dolphins, loves playing basketball and MMA, golfing regularly and fitness enthusiast. Although his exact height remains unknown, he reportedly maintains a healthy weight while remaining an engaging entrepreneur with good manners.

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