Morton Downey Jr Net Worth

Early Life and Education

Morton Downey Jr Net Worth is an esteemed American television talk show host renowned for hosting on ABC and CBS during the 1980s and 90s.

Downey was one of the pioneers in popularizing modern TV talk shows through his original broadcast, one which introduced audiences to “guest terrorizing” and bomb-throwing (guest terrorizing) techniques such as Jerry Springer and Glenn Beck use today. His show set the foundation for such popular shows as these.

Downey married four times and fathered three daughters from each marriage: Melissa, Tracey and Kelli from his first two unions with Lori Krebs; Seanna Micaela was his fourth-born with Lori. Downey died at 68 from lung cancer and other respiratory ailments and is buried at Forest Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery.

Professional Career

Morton Downey Jr is an award-winning TV Show Host known for pioneering the controversial, trash TV format with brawling guests and scandal. Hailing from Los Angeles, Morton was known for introducing this unconventional television format.

Once his show ran its course in the late ’80s, Downey experimented with several low-rated cable and mid-market radio shows as well as small movies and guest starring roles on prime-time series; additionally he was an anti-tobacco activist.

Downey first gained fame as a contestant on The Dating Game television game show and quickly rose to stardom. Later he returned on WTAM Cleveland radio station but replaced his confrontational style for more conversational dialogue. Additionally he became embroiled in a controversial lawsuit with Howard Stern for spreading false reports that Downey had resumed smoking again.

Achievement and Honors

Morton Downey Jr has achieved great success in his professional life and received many honors and awards for his efforts. Married and with children of his own, he has long been involved with media.

In 1987, Downey premiered his eponymous television show in Secaucus, New Jersey, popularizing trash TV with screaming matches between Downey and his guests. Downey followed in the footsteps of Phil Donahue and Jerry Springer by following similar formats; though he never went as far.

Downey captured critical and mass audiences alike through his portrayal of Tony Stark in Jon Favreau’s 2008 film Iron Man. The movie became a worldwide box office success. Since then, Downey has maintained sobriety through meditation practices such as Wing Chun Kung Fu. Additionally he credits his wife as being integral in keeping him sober.

Personal Life

Downey was introduced into show business at birth as his father was an iconic singer, and raised in a household that often found itself at odds with law. His father’s drug use and alcoholism contributed to multiple family issues that frequently required intervention by authorities.

On his TV show, Downey channeled both Rush Limbaugh and Jerry Springer as he verbally assaulted studio guests under a cloud of smoke from cigarettes he kept lit during each broadcast session. Downey targeted everyone from Nazi skinheads and strippers to children.

Downey composed and performed several songs, such as Pipeline and Wipeout from surf music’s golden age of popularity. He was involved with multiple businesses such as helping establish New Orleans ABA basketball franchise and co-founding WBO pro boxing organization.

Net Worth

Downey has enjoyed immense critical and commercial success throughout his acting career, particularly for his roles as Sherlock Holmes and Tony Stark in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This success earned him several awards and nominations as well as substantial paydays for film appearances.

Downey first achieved fame through The Morton Downey Jr. Show, which began airing nationally in 1987 and quickly rose in popularity. Reminiscent of both Rush Limbaugh and Jerry Springer in its content and format, Downey would often insult guests while chain-smoking and blowing smoke directly in their faces during his appearances on The Morton Downey Jr. Show.

His reign was, however, short-lived due to an addiction issue that led to numerous arrests for drugs-related arrests, rehab visits, and imprisonments. Over time however, he managed to overcome his addiction issues and rebuild his career.

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