Moses Brings Plenty Net Worth

Moses Brings Plenty is a well-renowned American actor and model who has amassed an enormous fortune through acting and modeling work. Fluent in Lakota language and culture, he spends much of his time travelling around to promote issues important to him.

Brings Plenty is best known for his role as Mo, the right-hand man of Broken Rock Tribe Chief Thomas Rainwater on Taylor Sheridan’s hit series Yellowstone. But his most crucial contribution comes behind-the-scenes as a cultural consultant.

Early Life and Education

Moses Brings Plenty is an Oglala Lakota television, film, and stage actor from Oglala Lakota descent who has appeared on Ed Hardy and John Yaeger models as well as Hidalgo Thunderheart Pirates of the Caribbean movie projects as bit roles. He descends from Brings Plenty who was present during the Battle of Little Big Horn – this actor hails from this family!

He has appeared on History Channel’s Comanche Warrior show and in Rez Bomb, the first Native American movie set on a reservation. Additionally, he worked on both Hell on Wheels and Yellowstone hit TV series.

Mo is also an accomplished traditional drummer and singer, having performed with both the band Brule and the Many Moccasins Dance Troupe (an ensemble that blends modern American dance with powwow dance). A member of Oglala Lakota tribe, Mo currently resides on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota.

Professional Career

Mo Brings Plenty, an enrolled member of the Lakota Nation, has had an illustrious film and television career. His acting credits include American Mythos, Wildfire and The Glorias; additionally he featured as Rainwater driver Mo in Paramount Network flagship show Yellowstone alongside Luke Grimes, Kelly Reilly Danny Huston and Wes Bentley.

Brings Plenty has also appeared in TV mini-series such as Deadliest Warrior and Rez Bomb, playing Apache warrior Quanah Parker from Comanche Warrior on History Channel documentary series Comanche Warrior as well as many other roles.

Brings Plenty currently serves as American Indian Affairs Coordinator on 1923 and Yellowstone television series, playing an essential role in ensuring they accurately represent native American culture and tradition.

Achievement and Honors

Moses Brings Plenty, best known for his role as Mo in Yellowstone TV show and acting as American Indian consultant, is an Oglala Lakota television, film, and stage actor and traditional drummer who also regularly appears at traditional drumming ceremonies. He holds degrees in theatre arts and film studies from South Dakota’s Black Hills Institute.

He has modelled for Ed Hardy and John Yaeger clothing lines and participated in charity events. Additionally, he belongs to the Many Moccasins Dance Troupe which combines modern Native American dance with powwow dances; moreover he can be found appearing in several episodes of Yellowstone TV Series 2018.

Adam Haney-Brings Plenty is married to Sara Ann Haney-Brings Plenty and they share one child, Jerynce. On Instagram they often post photos with animals such as geese and ducks that need help, taking great pride in caring for these critters in need.

Personal Life

Mo Brings Plenty is an accomplished actor, traditional drummer, and model best known for his role as Mo in Yellowstone television series and various fashion brands he has modelled for.

He hails from Oglala Lakota and is fluent in their language, culture, and traditions. With such an expansive cultural background – which spans more than 10,000 years! – he often travels throughout the US giving speeches on subjects that touch his heart and soul.

Moses Brings Plenty was born September 4, 1969 in Porcupine, South Dakota in the United States to brave warrior Brings Plenty who participated in the Battle of Little Big Horn. His estimated net worth ranges between $1 and $5 Million with most of his income coming from TV Actor work.

Net Worth

Mo Brings Plenty has an estimated net worth of $400,000. He makes his living acting, modeling and public relations representative services throughout the US while spending much time traveling around. Speaking out on issues important to him is part of what keeps Mo financially secure.

Mo Brings Plenty is not only an accomplished actor but also an acclaimed musician. He plays drums for the Many Moccasins dance troupe which blends modern Native American dance with powwow dances. Additionally, Mo has performed at charity events like Project Lighthouse.

Mo Brings Plenty is a descendent of Brings Plenty, an American Indian warrior who participated in the Battle of Little Big Horn. His traditional name was Ta Sunke Wospapi which meant “he caught the horse.” Mo is passionate about horses and is part of Teton Ridge Ranch.

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