New York Times Language Quiz

New York Times Language Quiz

The New York Times recently launched a language quiz to determine how well you understand different dialects. The quiz consists of 25 questions about regional dialects and idiomatic expressions. The results are plotted on a map that shows the pronunciation of words in different regions. It is based on the Harvard Dialect Study, which began in 2002.

The quiz is made up of questions about regional dialects, like how carbonated drinks are pronounced, and what kind of sweet spread you might find on a cake. This test was created by linguistics professor Bert Vaux, from Cambridge University. After analyzing the survey results, the quiz was able to identify linguistic differences that separate regions.

The quiz was created using D3 for visualisation and the canvas element for rendering maps. It uses a database of over 150 cities, and identifies the most likely answer for each question. The quiz was a hit on Twitter and received praise from many. It even ranked the Northern Irish accent as the most common among Brits.

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