New Yorkers Are Google Feud Answers

New Yorkers Are Turning to Google For Feud Answers

In the spirit of the holiday season, many New Yorkers are turning to Google for the answers to their Santa Claus feud questions. Whether you are looking for information about your wife’s past van, japanese music, or high school, this is a great way to get your answer.

First, there are the main rules and setup for the game. In the beginning, a person is designated as the host. This person is in charge of asking the questions and tallying the results. Everyone else is assigned to various roles. If someone is new to the game, he or she should explain the rules beforehand.

The game is played similar to the popular television show “Family Feud.” The first part of the phrase is presented and players must guess the second part of the phrase. The answers are given in four categories, and there are usually 10 possible answers in each. If the player chooses a wrong answer, the round ends.

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