Nice To Meet You In Turkish

It’s Nice to Meet You in Turkish

When you’re visiting Turkey, you’ll find that Turkish people are extremely nice and very willing to help you. They are happy to talk with you and try their best to get what you need, even if they don’t speak English well.

Luckily, there are some very basic and helpful phrases that you can use to communicate with the locals in Turkey. These words will make a big difference in your overall experience.

Hos geldiniz (Hos means ‘welcome’, and geldiniz means ‘good’). This is often the first word you hear when you enter a shop, restaurant or the home of someone you know.

It is a very polite and respectful way to welcome a person in Turkish and it’s always a good idea to say this when you’re in the company of a Turkish person. You can also use it to welcome a friend or family member.

Selamun aleykum, an adaptation of the Arabic wa-alaikum us-salam (Peace be upon you), is a commonly used greeting between Turks and Muslims. This is a simple but highly appreciated gesture that will bring a smile to the face of any Muslim.

If you’re a religious Turk, you may be greeted by someone with the phrase ve aleykum mu’s-selam or ve aleykum sa’iz-selam if they are praying in the mosque. These are a lot more formal than the standard otsukare but they still mean ‘good day’ or ‘hello’.

Another popular greeting between religious Turks is’merhaba’ or’selam’, and if you are invited to a religious event such as a wedding or funeral you can say this. It is a very heartwarming and loving way to start any conversation in Turkey, and it shows that you care.

In the same way that it is a good idea to say ‘hello’ and ‘thank you’ in Turkish, you should also learn how to introduce yourself. It’s easy to forget when you’re busy enjoying yourself, but learning these phrases will really help you out in Turkey.

When you are first meeting a Turkish person, it is customary for them to offer their hand. This is a common form of introduction and is usually brief.

Then, you can follow this with your name and a quick smile. You can also tell them where you are from, if that helps, as this is something they will often ask for.

After introducing yourself, it is a very good idea to give the other person a little bit of time to get to know you. This is because it is very rude to just rush into a conversation and interrupt someone else’s in Turkish.

There is a lot of social etiquette in Turkish and it is very important to adhere to the rules. You should also try to be polite and avoid saying things like ‘ozur dilerim’ (I’m sorry), which sounds very rude to most people, especially the elderly.

You should also practice these simple but essential phrases on a regular basis, so you can keep them in your mind and remember to use them when you meet new people. If you do, you’ll be surprised at just how many new friends you will make in Istanbul!

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