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Nicole Derick Jones Net Worth

Nicole Derick is a businesswoman specializing in luxury lifestyle products and an avid supporter of charities and non-profit organizations. Born January 10, 1977 in Marietta, Georgia USA.

Andruw and Sara Jones have been the proud parents of Druw Jones for the last 20 years despite various allegations, fights, and calls to the police.

Early Life and Education

Nicole Derick is an acclaimed entrepreneur who has achieved much in the luxury lifestyle industry. With experience working in finance and a keen sense for business, Nicole Derick is known as an authority on luxury living.

She has an avid interest in helping both people and animals, winning many awards for her services. Additionally, she travels frequently and boasts an infectious sense of humor.

Andruw Jones and Melissa Vaillancourt had two children together: Druw (now playing baseball for Arizona Diamondbacks), born from their relationship, as well as Joshua who came as the result of Andruw’s extramarital affair; Melissa Vaillancourt became his stepmother shortly thereafter and has become an integral part of Andruw and Melissa’s lives, often sharing updates through social media about them all. She often features them all.

Professional Career

Nicole Derick Jones is an accomplished individual who boasts many accomplishments to her credit. She works as a real estate agent and maintains various interests that keep her busy at all times.

She has served as both a paralegal and general manager of a remodeling company, providing payroll, bookkeeping, and general management services to them. In 2023 she joined Derrick Law Firm Injury Lawyers as Focus Group Data Administrator.

Nicole Jones is known to support both Druw and Madison Jones’ careers through her marriage with former MLB player Andruw Jones. She can often be seen cheering him on during matches while being involved with various fashion runways and social media accounts.

Achievement and Honors

Nicole Derick is best known as Andruw Jones’ wife. Born January 10, 1977 in the United States and belonging to Caucasian ethnicity.

Andruw met her while playing for the Yankees and they instantly connected, being drawn in by his work ethic and good sportsmanship – two attributes which she supported since she herself is an athlete.

After they married in 2002, they were blessed with Madison and Druw, whom the couple are extremely proud of as Druw was recently selected by Arizona Diamondbacks as the second overall pick in 2022 MLB draft. He’s following in his father’s footsteps as an outfielder/designated hitter he made his debut with back in 1996 before playing 17 seasons total.

Personal Life

Nicole Jones and Andruw Jones are proud parents to two children together; Druw Jones is following in his father’s footsteps by becoming an accomplished baseball player himself and making waves across the field.

Madison Jones, Nicole’s daughter, has taken to modeling herself. Nicole does not disclose much about her personal life in order to maintain an efficient workflow and her own sanity.

She boasts a net worth of $12.6 Million earned from her skincare and home decor business. Additionally, she maintains an active social media presence which she uses to share her lifestyle with followers and advocate for animal rights via her social media accounts. Furthermore, her family are extremely supportive of her career choices and passion for music.

Net Worth

Nicole Derick Jones boasts a net worth of $12.6 Million. She has established an outstanding career in luxury lifestyle business and boasts an influential social media presence. Nicole’s business acumen has helped build her brand and create an extensive fan base.

She is married to an ex-MLB player and they share two children; Druw and Madison. Despite allegations and fights in her marriage, they have managed to remain together successfully.

Jennifer Ann was born January 10, 1977 in Marietta Georgia to American parents. She has black eyes and blonde hair; 46 years old currently. Her relationship with both husband and their son (also an avid baseball player) are strong.

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