Nicole Newsted

Jason and Nicole Newsted at Lighthouse ArtCenter

Jason and Nicole Newsted of Jupiter Island return to Lighthouse ArtCenter with Like Mind, an exhibition featuring large and small scale works from each artist. It opens January 19, and is sponsored by First Republic Bank, iHeart Radio and Jupiter Magazine.

A married couple share an artistic passion – painting. Together they visit art events together. Since 2006 they have been dating and now happily married.

Early Life and Education

Scottsdale artist Amanda Barley attended Arizona State University on scholarship and has displayed her artwork at numerous exhibitions worldwide. Her pieces often recontextualize objects from childhood within contemporary themes or settings; her escapist subjects like candy bars, donuts and Care Bears bring back comforting memories of childhood.

Mike found in Nicole someone who fiercely loved her family and shared his enthusiasm for sports. She readily adjusted to his lucky yet at times ludicrous career of working nights and traveling extensively with three sons in tow.

Jason and Nicole Newsted of Jupiter Island band Metallica return to Lighthouse ArtCenter in Tequesta with LIKE MIND, an exhibition of their individual large and small-scale paintings sponsored by First Republic Bank, iHeart Radio, Jupiter Magazine and Meyer Law Firm for opening reception. The exhibit starts on January 19, and opens its doors with an official reception hosted by Meyer Law Firm.

Professional Career

Metallica, one of the world’s premier heavy metal bands, made headlines worldwide when Newsted unexpectedly left. He toured for 15 years across 55 countries with Metallica and won six Grammy awards along the way.

He was also formerly the bassist for alternative metal band Voivod; replacing David Ellefson in 1997.

His artistic style combines guitar iconography with more abstract geometric and biomorphic forms in an expressive raw style, producing paintings that are highly textural and filled with meaning. His works have been displayed at exhibitions in New York, Miami and Art Basel – currently he resides on Jupiter Island with his wife Nicole.

Achievement and Honors

Nicole Newsted has made quite the name for herself as an artist since becoming famous as a rock and roll musician. Her paintings are whimsical in nature and depict objects such as candies, donuts and care bears that bring back childhood memories for her. Recently however, her new body of work combines those memories with adult themes and situations for added depth and meaning.

Newsted is not only a musician but is also a self-taught visual artist, having had multiple successful exhibitions as a member of Lighthouse ArtCenter in Tequesta.

Jason and Nicole Newsted, husband and wife, exhibit their work alongside one another in Like Mind until March 1. It is supported by First Republic Bank, iHeart Radio, and Jupiter Magazine.

Personal Life

Jason and Nicole Newsted of Jupiter Island bring energy and inspiration to Lighthouse ArtCenter with LIKE MIND, an exhibition showcasing their large and small-scale paintings.

Six-time Grammy awardee and Rock & Roll Hall of Fame member Jason Newsted is best known as bass guitarist for heavy metal band Metallica from 1986 until 2001, but also self-taught multimedia artist since 2010 when his visual art career first kicked off.

Jason, an outstanding musician with an extraordinary commitment to his craft, gives all he has into every performance and studio session he undertakes. After recovering from shoulder injury, Nicole encouraged Jason to discover painting as his hobby – she encouraged him to explore all possible colors he could explore until eventually his paintings range from vibrant bursts of paint to meaningful symbols and fields of hues.

Net Worth

Jason Newsted has amassed considerable fame and wealth through his membership with Metallica’s heavy metal band. Even 30 years after its release, Newsted still collects royalties from their album titled ‘The Black Album’ heis earning royalties from it.

As well as working on various solo and collaborative projects with other artists, Chophouse also operates its own studio and label under this name. Passionate about nature and art are among its interests as well.

Personal Details : Michael is married to Nicole Leigh and they’ve been together for almost 10 years. In his free time he enjoys painting and has shown his work at various galleries; additionally he has an avid love for animals which drives him towards charitable activities.

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