Nina Adams

Who Is Nina Adams?

Nina Adams has over two decades of experience working as a Nurse Practitioner, currently practicing at Aurora Health Center. She accepts various insurance plans and new patients can schedule an appointment by calling her profile number.

As well as her career in healthcare, she also enjoys video production – having created, directed and executive produced her own reality show concept called Unfit For TVTM.

Early Life and Education

Nina Adams was born June 7th 1948 in Hearn Texas to Martha (Jody) Snyder and James C Miller, her parents.

She is an author, television producer and concept creator specializing in reality show concept development. Her latest venture involves offering support services and resources to people going through difficult experiences that will help them meet their future goals.

Five Star Entertainment is a company she established and leads as CEO. They produce videos and music tours across the United States. She owns her own rap group called B-Team as well as being an award-winning event manager in Philadelphia.

Professional Career

Adams oversaw an annual budget of $2.4 billion while serving as director of community banking at South Carolina’s Community South Credit Union. She played an essential part in the company’s acquisition of Atlanta-based Community Bank & Trust, cementing its longstanding reputation of offering exceptional customer service to both borrowers and lenders alike. Nina has established numerous business alliances with local, regional and national peers that have produced products and services designed to assist members’ success. At home, she is working to build on her industry-leading performance to date, including improving members’ lending capabilities and providing outstanding digital and e-channel experiences. Recently, she took an even bigger role in shaping the organization’s future plans by hiring both a chief financial officer and senior vice president for consumer marketing and business development.

Achievement and Honors

Nina has won widespread admiration for her exceptional community service work as president of Queensbridge Tenant Association. As such, she tirelessly worked to ensure all tenants in her neighborhood had equal chances at living safe and healthy lives; lobbying city, state and federal officials for programs tailored specifically towards aiding disadvantaged groups.

Nina was an inspiring figure who dedicated and drove herself forward despite facing incredible odds in life. One of her achievements included founding Five Star Entertainment – an entity dedicated to concept creation and executive producing that has already won multiple awards – with its primary goal being promoting healthy lifestyle benefits while offering support to others facing hardship in their lives.

Personal Life

Nina Adams was renowned as an independent businesswoman, social activist, and talented actress known for her charm, wit, and good looks. For two decades she was a prominent presence on American stages and helped shape productions of Barrie’s Peter Pan that captured audiences across America in the early 20th century.

Adelina Isabel Emilia Luna Otero was a product of Santa Fe’s rapidly changing history. Her father Alfred Maurice Bergere came from England during the Anglo migration in the late 1880s; while her mother descended from some of the first European colonists. Over her lifetime, Adelina successfully navigated between Hispano, Anglo, and American Indian communities.

Net Worth

Nina Adams has an estimated net worth of $3 Million. She founded and manages a fruit dessert business which accounts for most of her fortune.

She is married to Munaf Ali and together they share three children; Sophie Bella Ali and Nour Ali are their namesakes. Additionally, she owns several high-end automobiles.

In 2021, she initiated a video production venture by conceptualizing an original and novel reality show concept. Partnering with a Los Angeles film company and shooting pilot episodes during Florida’s COVID-19 global pandemic outbreak were key steps.

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