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Trevor Noah is a Rising Star in Austin, Texas

Trevor Noah credits his success to his mother’s hard work in providing him with an exceptional education, which enabled him to achieve greatness. To give back, he founded the Trevor Noah Foundation to assist Johannesburg youth prepare for higher education and employment.

The Bible reports that Noah’s Ark came to rest on Mount Ararat, in modern-day Turkey. Other flood stories from Mesopotamia – including Gilgamesh Epic and Eridu Genesis and Atrahasis – bear striking resemblances with this biblical account.

Early Life and Education

Noah was greatly shaped by both family and education in his formative years, attributing much of his success to educational opportunities provided to him by his mother who sought and could afford them. Noah hopes that other Hempstead students take advantage of these opportunities to pursue their goals.

Noah has long been an advocate of arts in his community, helping establish Watts Towers Art Center. Additionally, he has made himself known as an accomplished performer through numerous television and movie appearances as well as TikTok performances.

Noah was born around 2900 BCE in Shuruppak, Sumerian Mesopotamia. He is considered historical because the Bible traces his lineage back to Abraham who lived between 2000-1900 BCE. Archeologists refer to Noah’s time period as Jemdet Nasr.

Professional Career

Noah began his professional cooking career early, learning from both of his Italian mother and grandmother in the kitchen. Since then he has worked in numerous restaurants around metro-Detroit before landing his current position at Bigalora Woodfired Cucina where he works closely with their head chef to craft seasonal and ingredient driven menus.

Noah Gray of Leominster High is no stranger to studying film from Wachusett Regional and planning for Thanksgiving morning games against Fitchburg High. Now he is gearing up for something far bigger as his Kansas City Chiefs take on Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl LIII.

Kazis brings his extensive legal services, private practice and academia experience in local government law and land use matters directly into his classroom teachings. Furthermore, he is an active advocate for underrepresented minorities entering law.

Achievement and Honors

Noah is an experienced attorney, named to Austin Business Journal’s Texas Rising Stars list and recognized as an expert in Eminent Domain law. Additionally, he’s active in his community by serving on the Development Committee for Waterloo Greenway Conservancy.

Mayor Justin Wilson presented track world champion and Olympic bronze medalist Noah Lyles and his brother Josephus with the Key to the City of Alexandria at a special ceremony at City Hall Market Square. Both are Alexandria City High School (ACHS) alumni with deep-seated passions for athleticism that extend far beyond mere competition on track surfaces.

Noah established the Computers for Student Success program at TCC in 2009, through which TCC students clean and refurbish donated computers prior to distribution to needy students. Since its inception, more than 400 systems have been donated through this initiative.

Personal Life

Noah, along with Chloe, attends Scarsdale Middle School. Noah enjoys acting and is also deeply religious.

The Bible states that God instructed Noah to construct an Ark – a huge vessel capable of accommodating both animals and people – during Genesis 6:16. In order for it to fulfill this task, this ship needed to be long, wide, and high enough for both purposes.

Ararat Mountains in present-day Armenia were where Noah’s Ark came to rest, according to various reports. Remains from an ancient city called Naeltamauk may have been discovered here and may have been his hometown. These Cordyean Mountains lie just off Lake Van and serve as natural harbors for ships while offering abundant resources such as wood and stone resources.

Net Worth

Noah has become immensely wealthy as a result of the success of his comedy shows, winning awards such as Primetime Emmy, MTV Movie+ TV Awards Webby Awards and NAACP Image Awards among others.

He has also appeared in multiple movies and television shows such as Austin and Ally, The Golden Retrievers, Hubie Halloween, #TheAssignment, See Dad Run, Can’t Take It Back as well as being actively engaged on social media interacting with fans regularly.

His acting career took off in 2016 when he landed a lead role on Netflix’s horror sci-fi series Stranger Things as Will Byers. Since then, his reputation as one of Hollywood’s top professional teen actors has increased significantly and is currently working on another project; his net worth is estimated to be around $3 Million.

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