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The Deaths of Travis Livingston and Noah Evermann

Desert racing can be exciting to witness, yet tragic. Two professional racers – Travis Livingston and Noah Evermann – tragically perished during the Baja 500.

Cpl. Noah Evermann from Pullman, Wash. and his military working dog Borris keep troops safe both on and off base by clearing roads of IEDs as well as inspecting homes to search for hidden explosive devices (IEDs).

Early Life and Education

Noah Evermann has spent much of his career exploring how humans have managed to meet their food and environmental needs through various cultures and traditions. Over the last ten years, he has provided advice to national and international organizations regarding design and communication strategies.

Cpl. Noah Evermann from Pullman, Washington and Borris the 80-pound Belgian Malinois protect Marines both on and off base with their patrolling and explosives detection abilities. They scour various food and supply trucks arriving in camp to search for weapons or explosives that may pose threats.

The 2016 Baja 500 concluded in tragedy when two riders, Travis Livingstone (Pro Moto Unlimited) and Noah Evermann (Sportsman Moto) died during separate incidents along the race route. Additionally, another individual also passed away as a result of this tragic event.

Professional Career

Noah Evermann has proven himself an all-purpose wide receiver during his professional career, playing on all levels at different teams such as the Dallas Cowboys.

The 2016 Baja 500 ended on an unfortunate note when three individuals — two motorcycle competitors and an 8-year-old boy — died along the course. Pro Moto Unlimited rider Travis Livingston of Palmdale, California died when his vehicle went off the road at mile 289.9. Sportsman Moto competitor Noah Evermann of Alaska was found deceased near mile 180.9 by another team.

Gus Vildosola Jr, originally from Mexico, won both the overall trophy truck race and overall race at Ensenada.

Achievement and Honors

Evermann hails from Castalia, Iowa and brings extensive collegiate coaching experience to A-State’s Red Wolves coaching staff. This season he is focused on working primarily with infielders and will assist with hitting. In 2018, Evermann helped A-State rank amongst league’s leaders in nearly every offensive category and doubled successful stolen bases over last season.

Evermann has used his professional success and educational talents to promote Steinhart Aquarium through several school groups that he personally conducted through both Museum and Aquarium.

Personal Life

Evermann serves the 2nd Military Police Battalion with his military working dog handler partner Borris. They keep Marines safe on the ground by sniffing out IEDs and weapons in Ramadi.

He’s also been involved with the SCORE Baja 500 race, experiencing its highs (such as watching trophy trucks racing across the desert to the sunrise) as well as its lows — such as two riders passing away during 2016 race.

Evermann describes himself as being in Iraq to form bonds rather than divide people, which he does. If necessary, Evermann and Borris will search through homes for weapons or explosives as necessary – though always with discretion.

Net Worth

Seth Everman is a Swedish YouTuber, social media influencer, musician and pianist best known for his comedy and piano parodies on YouTube. With over 4.1 million subscribers to his channel where he uploads videos of himself playing piano covers including Drake songs; as well as being active across Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram etc he boasts a massive following online.

Tragically, the Baja 500 race course saw two fatalities occur. Pro Moto Unlimited rider Travis Livingston and Sportsman Moto rider Noah Evermann both passed away due to fatal injuries they had received while participating. Their bodies were found nearby after suffering fatal blows.

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