Noah Hurwitz

Noah Hurwitz

Articles are short pieces of writing on various subjects that are published in newspapers or magazines; they can also be found online.

Hurwitz offers his clients guidance in all facets of employment law, from employment agreements and restrictive covenants, discrimination and whistleblowing issues, wage and hour laws and employee benefits – to wage theft cases across Michigan state and federal courts. He has an excellent track record in courtroom litigation throughout Michigan.

Early Life and Education

The name Noah comes from the Hebrew noach, or repose. It has historically been used as a boy’s name.

Noah was an important character in the biblical Flood story and is considered to be the patriarch of three groups – Shem, Ham and Japheth. According to Scripture, God chose Noah for his godliness and instructed him to construct an Ark as protection during the Great Flood.

This vessel not only saved his family but all land animals and mankind alike. This version of the story has become one of the most famous ever told; ending with God granting blessings on Noah and his descendants under a rainbow of hope – though its happy conclusion has a dark side as Ham’s descendants being bound as slaves throughout history has often been used to justify racism and slavery in religious contexts.

Professional Career

Hurwitz has been practicing at Dykema for 11 years, providing both businesses and individuals with advice regarding employment law issues such as agreements, restrictive covenants, discrimination, whistleblowing, family medical leave policies, wage and hour laws and risk management.

He specializes in litigating business disputes in federal and state courts across Michigan, having successfully represented clients before both the Michigan Court of Appeals and U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit. Additionally, he serves as a member of both the State Bar of Michigan Character and Fitness Committee and Labor & Employment Sections.

Deb Mexicotte thanked Hurwitz for his time and informed candidates they could contact the board if any additional inquiries arise after departing. She reminded him that candidate presentations would take place during May 12 regular board meeting.

Achievement and Honors

Hurwitz has written many young-reader books centered on the endearing adventures of suburban families, featuring Nora and Teddy from Nora & Teddy and Russell and Elisa. Both series provide readers with a lighthearted glimpse into childhood lives filled with both minor setbacks and glorious triumphs.

School Library Journal’s review of Fourth-Grade Fuss, written by Tough-Luck Karen author Karen Tough-Luck, highlighted its humorous yet comforting plot, while PeeWee’s story in A Guinea Pig’s Tale about city parks captured both children and adults’ interest.

Hurwitz was among four candidates interviewed Thursday evening for an open seat on Ann Arbor public schools board: Irene Patalan, Martine Panitch and Mark Thomas.

Personal Life

Hurwitz frequently addresses employment law matters to businesses in Michigan, and is an active member of both the State Bar of Michigan Character and Fitness Committee and Washtenaw County Trial Lawyers Association.

He is an energetic champion for his clients, providing advice on all areas of employment law pertaining to businesses and individuals dealing with discrimination, harassment, wrongful termination, whistleblowing violations, misappropriation of trade secrets (inappropriation), employment agreements (including handbook policies and workplace safety), etc.

Hurwitz’s books often focus on charming children in urban and suburban environments. Busybody Nora, the main character in his Busybody series of books for seven-year-olds, lives in an apartment building with her brother Teddy; these adventures are chronicled in New Neighbors for Nora, Superduper Teddy, etc. Other novels follow Aldo Sossi (fourth grade), his family, and their adventures such as Aldo Ice Cream, Peanut Butter Aldo, etc.

Net Worth

Hurwitz’s estimated net worth ranges between $1-5 Million. As an accomplished screenwriter, he prefers keeping his personal life private.

Hurwitz frequently advises clients regarding state and federal employment laws, drafting agreements on restrictive covenants, misappropriation of trade secrets, discrimination, whistleblowing, wage and hour law, handbook policies and employee benefits. He has extensive litigation experience before the Michigan Court of Appeals as well as United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit.

He represents some of Hollywood’s premier writers, having secured unprecedented dual overall deals for You co-creator Sera Gamble with Apple and CBS TV Studios and Spotlight director Tom McCarthy’s eight-figure overall at Fox 21 TV and The Irishman producer Jane Rosenthal at Netflix, respectively.

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