NOAH Jaguars

NOAH Jaguars

NOAH Homeschool Sports League boasts many college recruits that are being recruited into its roster of athletes. Recently, NOAH took home its inaugural National Homeschool Football Tournament championship crown.

Dak Prescott of the Cowboys made history when his pass was intercepted by Rayshawn Jenkins for an overtime game-winning pick-six pick.

Early Life and Education

Studies using various methodologies and data sets have clearly established the correlation between early life experiences, particularly during infancy and childhood, and adult outcomes like health, education, labor force participation, socio-economic status and overall socio-economic standing. Understanding this connection and improving children’s opportunities to flourish are integral to combatting inequality nationwide.

Michael Robinson is a Senior Conservation Advocate working on the protection and recovery of top predators like jaguars and Mexican gray wolves as well as borderland wildlife. Since 1997 he has been with the Center; as a field ecologist he has studied everything from crocodiles in Everglades to songbirds in Hawaii; receiving his bachelor’s degree at St Lawrence University before going on to obtain a master’s in Interdisciplinary Ecology from University of Florida.

Professional Career

Noah is a six-time All-Star and two-time Defensive Player of the Year award winner; however, his career hasn’t been without its share of drama. LeBron James engaged in an ongoing dispute that ran throughout playoffs that caused some unease between them both.

Tulsa NOAH Jaguars have enjoyed tremendous success this season in football. They won the National Homeschool Football Tournament Championship and several players are being recruited by Division-I schools. Coach James Ballinger believes his team is working hard and looks forward to an incredible future ahead.

Cowboys need a top-tier tight end to complement Dak Prescott’s passing game and could look to Iowa’s Noah Fant as their initial pick or trade up later in the draft to acquire him. Fant would fit right in with their offensive scheme.

Achievement and Honors

Homeschooled children may seem at a disadvantage when it comes to sports participation; however, this group from NOAH Jaguars are excelling despite popular beliefs that homeschooling hinders them. Their football team won the national championship, while many players received scholarships from top colleges. As this school relies solely on parents, students, and teachers for its funding, many scholarship offers came through despite homeschooling not having government funds behind it.

Noah Whitacre of Augusta University and Jaguar Battalion Cadet Corps was recognized for being the best cadet during an internship at Fort Gordon with Army Cyber Command during this summer internship program. Additionally, he received his own commander’s coin for being such a distinguished Army ROTC cadet from Augusta. Noah enjoys track, and loves Atlanta Falcons, Hawks, Braves basketball as well as LeBron James as his favorite athlete.

Personal Life

Noah Gragson hails from an elite family. His father, Yannick Gragson, won French Tennis Grand Slam tournaments while his mother is an accomplished fashion model. Noah Gragson himself is an avid racing fan who has participated in several races over the years.

He is also blessed with a daughter named Addie who is an accomplished mixed media artist and businesswoman. In his free time he enjoys video gaming and downhill mountain biking.

Tulsa NOAH Jaguars of Noah’s homeschool team won their inaugural national title since league start up six years ago. Coach James Ballinger attributes this achievement to hard work and a wonderful roster with future Division-I players on it, plus playing against an intense schedule.

Net Worth

Noah takes pride in maintaining an optimistic approach to life and works hard towards reaching his goals. He’s fortunate enough to be supported by an incredible support system who encourage him in following his passions. In his leisure time he enjoys spending quality time with friends and family at his beautiful home.

He enjoys racing, sports and art – as well as travelling and trying new experiences – which all keep his mind active and busy. Furthermore, he’s very friendly and generous, always willing to assist others.

Noah currently boasts an estimated net worth of $100 Million dollars and his main source of income is his work hosting the Daily Show. Noah has amassed a large following through his stand-up comedy performances and established himself as an international celebrity.

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