Noah Mack

Noah Mack – A Celebrity Wrestler With an Estimated Net Worth of $1-5 Million

Noah Mack is an R & B singer estimated to have an estimated net worth between $1-5 Million. Born September 28th 1999 he currently stands 19 years old.

At 17 he created his debut EP and recorded it in his backyard studio. Later he appeared on The Voice 13 where both Jennifer Hudson and Blake Shelton signed off on him as one of their choices for mentorship.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

Mack has worked for numerous Texas promotions throughout his professional wrestling career, such as Reality of Wrestling, Loko Wrestling, Pale Pro Wrestling and Independent Wrestling Expo. Additionally, he is a former GHC Junior Heavyweight Champion.

In 2022, he signed an exclusive contract with NOAH as regular foreign talent and has quickly become one of its main attractions; his aerial abilities impressing audiences both in Japan and America alike.

Newark native Joseph Osei-Ikenob has been accepted to Albright College in Berks County, Pennsylvania and plans on enrolling as soon as Fall 2020. He will study Business Administration: Finance and Computer Science there. Previously he competed on season 13 of “The Voice”, singing for both Jennifer Hudson and Blake Shelton before both turning two chairs for him during performances on their shows.

Personal Life

Noah Mac is a highly popular R&B Singer with an incredible fan base on social media. Currently single, he prefers keeping his personal life private.

He started singing at age 7, performing his debut performance at his sister’s funeral. By 17, he had also composed and written his debut EP ‘Light’ in his backyard studio.

Noah auditioned twice on The Voice 13 during his Blind Audition and turned both chairs during Battle Rounds. Although initially picking Blake Shelton as his mentor, Jennifer won out and ultimately eliminated Noah from Top 8 when Adam Cunningham and Red Marlow did not get enough votes immediately to advance and it was decided in Middle 3 Instant Save.

Net Worth

Social media personality’s healthy physique also plays a part in his ability to engage his audience. With his balanced weight complementing his height and creating an approachable overall appearance, this social media star makes an impressionable first impression with his followers.

Noah Mac’s YouTube vlogs and challenges showcase his genuine, down-to-earth nature, which has earned him a large fan base. Additionally, he is exploring opportunities in modeling and acting which further solidify him as an emerging star.

Mattress Mack is an example of self-made success; an inspirational tale from humble beginnings. He made his fortune through his furniture store chain in Houston, Texas as well as through philanthropic work and sports betting activities. Mattress Mack serves as an inspiration to aspiring creators by showing that hard work and determination can lead to ultimate success.

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