Noah Marshall

Noah Marshall

Noah provides multidisciplinary guidance to clients regarding intellectual property matters across an array of fields – augmented reality, bioinformatics, cloud/distributed computing, cryptography and more.

Connor is one of Noah’s closest confidantes, often confiding his thoughts to him and helping him with cooking meals that don’t consist of frozen dinners for himself and Jane.

Early Life and Education

Noah is a sarcastic and pessimistic individual who prefers to keep to himself, though he remains close to Main Character as they remember who they were before becoming Redfields.

In It Lives Within, Noah is recruited by Connor to help take down the power structure. At first reluctant, he eventually warms to him and admits that outside of Jane, Connor is his truest love.

At Brit’s party, Noah shares with you that he was initially jealous of Jane and your relationship (though later admitting he feared they might leave). He even dreamed about opening “Baby Jane’s”. Noah apologizes for snapping at you but also expresses regret over hurting you in any way.

Professional Career

Noah specializes in Intellectual Property Law, Patent Prosecution and Litigation. He regularly advises clients regarding free/open source software copyright issues. In his legal career he has handled patent applications related to augmented reality, bioinformatics, cloud/distributed computing control systems computational linguistics/natural language processing computer vision cryptography medical devices rotating spectroscopy.

As well, he provides nonprofit organizations with advice regarding tax issues. With extensive knowledge of local, state and federal tax exemption laws enabling him to efficiently guide clients through any complex matters.

Zarwin Baum is his primary legal practice. With extensive litigation experience and having successfully represented numerous corporate and individual defendants in high stakes class actions, as well as real estate, insurance coverage and intellectual property disputes; he holds a license to practice in New York state.

Achievement and Honors

Noah is an award-winning director with a keen sense of craft, having worked with McDonald’s, Sony, Heineken and Barclays – as well as winning awards at D&AD Cannes One Show etc.

As seen in ILITW, he works closely with Connor and has shown to care deeply about him, even comforting him when Connor became a Horror, showing real friendship and brotherly love between them both.

He can also be seen taking part in a ritual to protect ILB character in Pine Springs, risking his life to secure another piece of Main Character’s soul. While taking part, he reveals his sister was their twin and feels great guilt for killing or allowing someone else to take their place, vowing never forget them.

Personal Life

Noah is co-owner of American Spoon, which creates handcrafted preserves and condiments sourced from Northern Michigan fruit, offering products focusing on sustainability. American Spoon has multiple locations throughout Michigan as well as online sales.

Noah shows his soft side during Britney’s party when he shared his passion for food and his hopes of opening his own diner called Baby Jane’s. Noah also appeared to hold less resentment towards Main Character than many of his other friends after Jane died.

He’s also kind-hearted, as shown when he hires Connor to assist in overthrowing the Power. Even so, he keeps close tabs on Main Character as they both fight Moss Creatures together in the woods.

Net Worth

Through her hard work and commitment to basketball, she has earned widespread acclaim from fans as well as earning an income through this career path.

She boasts an estimated net worth of $100,000. Most of her earnings come from basketball, although she also makes money selling t-shirts online.

She prefers not to discuss her personal life publicly. However, she remains active on her social media accounts, frequently sharing pictures with friends. This press release contains forward-looking statements such as those related to business plans and growth strategies; these statements rely on current expectations and assumptions; they could differ significantly from actual results in terms of timing or magnitude; they are subject to numerous risk factors that are detailed in filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission such as its Annual Report on Form 10-K.

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