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Artist Profile – Noah Kahan

Merriweather marks the creative culmination of Animal Collective’s decade-long run, from its raw noise bursts to static lullabies. And in terms of indie music generally, Merriweather remains their most accessible release; an accessible bedroom pop record with all their distinctive stylistic quirks intact.

Merriweather excels at shifting through space quickly and extending plays by deceiving defenders. While his size raises concerns about durability, his speed remains unquestionable.

Early Life and Education

After attending Cathedral High School in Indianapolis and enrolling at the University of Cincinnati, she joined their women’s basketball team where she led them into postseason play in all four of her seasons, earned an NCAA All-American selection, and 11 varsity letters.

Noah Creshevsky was an outstanding composer of avant-garde electronic music who taught at Brooklyn College Conservatory of Music for 22 years. His compositional work fit within a genre known as hyperrealism; HISAM published an essay written about him by Tania Leon in its fall 2005 newsletter (pdf), so as a tribute, we are publishing it again here in memory of Noah.

Professional Career

Noah Kahan is an artist renowned for his strong ability to tell a tale through song. A veteran performer, he continues to push himself creatively to produce music more organic and in line with his folk roots. After experiencing significant transformation in his career path, he hopes his music can serve as a conduit through which to share those tales through song.

He is an exceptional route runner who can shred defenses with his exceptional shiftiness. Additionally, his exceptional burst and top end speed pose a serious threat of running past defenders at higher levels.

He is a tireless worker on the field, earning high praise from coaches as a result. Additionally, his coaches praise his leadership skills and work ethic; furthermore, his teammates admire how helpful and welcoming he can be towards younger teammates on his squad.

Achievement and Honors

As part of an application, it’s essential to include any academic honors and awards you earned when writing your application. These accolades help colleges understand what makes you distinct; academic achievements like graduating with distinction are recognized on transcripts and diplomas while honor societies and associations may provide additional ways of earning them.

Merriweather earned three first-team All-GLVC selections during her four years at Bellarmine University and was honored as co-Freshman of the Year as a freshman. She finished as Bellarmine’s ninth leading scorer with 1,420 points before being honored as part of their All-Decade Team upon graduating. Merriweather also participated in track and field and cross country at her school, placing third at state in both events: 800 meters indoor season (I) and outdoor (O).

Personal Life

Merriweather Post Pavilion will never be repeated; its combination of dissonant electronics with powerful basslines and lyrics about taking children to a park remains unparalleled today. Ten years on, this record remains one of the high points of Animal Collective’s baroque aesthetic as well as being at the intersection of many cultures’ histories and paths forward.

Lennox, Weitz and Portner’s 2009 release was an unbridled realization of their potential that brought together Sung Tongs’ immediate energy with Feels’ reflective pool shimmer and Strawberry Jam’s jittery energy in one complete release. Additionally, its dense web of sound expanded to include intricate sample kaleidoscopes only achievable thanks to their newly acquired experience and talent.

After Dibb left, this marked the first time the band released music with a touring member contributing. This move gave each song more energy while expanding the group’s live show – one of their strongest assets to this day.

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