Noah Pants

Noah Pants – Supreme’s Offshoot

Early Life and Education

Noah is a casual menswear label created by former Supreme creative director Brendon Babenzien and launched in Fall/Winter 2015, though its roots extend further back.

The label’s aesthetic is inspired by an authentic punk spirit, seeking to merge the rebellious vitality of skate, music and surf culture with classic menswear fashion. High-quality ethically produced rugby shirts and chinos with quirky color-block graphics add a downtown aesthetic that enhances this aesthetic.

Our signature seersucker linen trouser now comes complete with an elasticated drawstring waist and wide legs – the perfect accompaniment to our Noah Pleated Shirt! Made entirely from linen with 21 sizes available.

Achievement and Honors

Noah has made her mark as an iconic fashion figure thanks to her signature style, mixing vintage pieces with modern fashion for an eye-catching aesthetic and bold accessories that complete her looks.

Babenzien launched his Noah clothing line to challenge cultural understandings of cool and promote a more mindful consumption model. Focusing on sustainable materials, support for local communities and creative collaborations with artists showcasing their artistic talents;

At the 2022 People’s Choice Awards, Noah donned a navy suit with white button-down shirt and black boots; an ensemble that echoed 2015 Miley Cyrus’ pants-less red carpet look.

Personal Life

As Supreme has expanded into different corners of culture, its success has opened the doors for multiple side projects to emerge from its creative mind. Noah is one such side project; while at first glance it may appear similar to its older sibling label, there’s much more going on behind the scenes here.

The brand’s dedication to more deliberate and intentional streetwear design can be seen in every piece they produce; whether that means paying tribute to military history or celebrating ocean life through orange-red stitching – each collaboration and design by this label goes beyond being simply fashion choices.

Noah makes its mission clear the moment you step into its flagship store at 195 Mulberry St in New York City. Noah expresses its emotion through thoughtful details and amusing asides that bring people in and keep them coming back for more.

Net Worth

Noah is an esteemed American football linebacker and has amassed many awards and recognition since making the jump at 19 years. Since starting as a professional, his success and fame have only increased.

He currently plays at the University of Oregon and has proven to be a key component to their team’s success.

He is also an Instagram influencer with an impressive following on the platform, posting photos of himself sporting different outfits and accessories regularly. Known for his charming sense of humor, he enjoys brewing quality drinks with friends before mixing them for them to sip. Furthermore, he holds numerous investments both domestically and abroad.

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